Vine Weevil Control

Vine Weevil is a major pest BOTH under-glass and in the garden, where it can have devastating effects often causing the death of plants. Control vine weevil naturally by applying Nemasys® Vine Weevil Killer to kill the grubs and using Nematop Adult Vine Weevil Traps and or Zee No Weevil to control the adults.

  • Nemasys® Vine Weevil Killer contains natural nematodes, which are effective at controlling vine weevil grubs & are safe for children, pets & wildlife. Apply Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer UNDERGLASS all year round or apply OUTDOORS as soon as you discover grubs or apply when the grubs are at their most destructive i.e. in the spring and autumn.
  • Nematop Adult Vine Weevil Trap - Position these traps containing a nematode gel under your plants in the summer while the adults are active.
  • Zee No Weevil - Stop adult vine weevils laying eggs in the soil by applying this new granular product (made from the remians of organic olive oil production) to the surface of your pots, containers and around the base of plants / shrubs.

Adult Vine WeevilAdult vine weevils feed on plant foliage taking distinctive "U" shaped notches from the edge of the leaf (pictured left). Adults are about 1cm long, brownish black with drab yellow spots on their backs (pictured right). They are nocturnal and unable to fly, but being quick moving they are difficult to spot. They are fond of rhododendrons, camellias and azaleas as well as herbaceous plants. They only munch the edge of the leaf, which is unsightly. N.B. Leaf damage is a sure sign of vine weevil activity, so check for the more destructive grubs in the roots of your plants.

Vine Weevil GrubVine weevil grubs are the real problem, attacking the roots of plants. The grubs over-winter in the roots and emerge as adults in late spring / summer. These adults lay eggs in the rootballs of plants. The eggs hatch and feed before over-wintering and then the whole process starts again. Vine weevil grubs grow to about 1cm and are creamy coloured and crescent shaped with an orange head. Affected plants will wilt even though the soil/compost is moist and as more of the roots are destroyed the plant will eventually topple over. Control vine weevils naturally by applying Nemasys® Vine Weevil Killer as soon as you discover grubs (and the soil temp is 5c) or when the grubs are at their most destructive i.e. in the Spring and Autumn.