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Where do Ladybirds Live?

Ladybirds are one of your best friends when it comes to looking after your garden. These small red/orange beetles with black spots might look cute, but they are actually fierce

Customer Question – Treating little black flies?

Q. “I have those tiny little black flies everywhere. What’s the best product for getting rid of them?” Thanks C A. Thanks for the message and I assume the little

Customer Question – Huge numbers of Leatherjackets HELP!

Q. “We brought some turf that has been replaced 3 times now and when we dug up a 2ft area it was infested with thousands of leather jackets – see

Customer Question – Vine Weevil?

Q. “We’ve got 6 bay trees in pots which I think are being attacked by vine weevils (over past few years) – I have attached 2 pictures. So I need

Customer Question – Controlling Box Tree Caterpillars

Q. “I live in Havant Hampshire, i had 36ft of box which has been devastated by the box moth caterpillar, several box hedges have also had the same fate around

The Benefits of Mosquito and Insect Repellent Spray

For anyone planning a holiday, repellent spray to keep the bugs at bay is often top of the packing list. It’s an important item whether you’re travelling abroad or looking

How To Keep Wasps Away: Wasp Nest Deterrent

There’s more good news for the summer – a wasp nest deterrent that won’t harm the environment. Wasps can be a pest when you’re picnicking or enjoying your garden. And

Controlling Fuchsia Gall MIte

Voted the number 7 pest in last years Top Ten Pest by the RHS, Fuchsia Gall Mite is becoming a big problem. Fuchsia gall mite is a microscopic sap-sucking pest

Customer Question – Controlling Aphids in poly-tunnel

Q. “Hello! I am looking for some advice on controlling aphids. This is the first time I’ve had a problem with them and blame a bought in plant! I have

How to Use a Weed Killer Spray Without Harming Plants

An essential item for any gardener is a weed killer pump sprayer. Whatever the size or style of your garden, weeds will always find a way through. As keen gardeners

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