Customer Question – Aphids

Q. “My neighbour Jennifer recommended you about a 100 times and now I am ready with my order list and was wondering what to add potentially to get rid of

Q. “Hi, do you have a product that will successfully kill the horse tail weed, sometimes known as mare’s tail? I think it has come from my neighbour’s garden but

Customer Question – Heavy rain and LOTS of Leatherjackets

Q. “I ordered nematodes from you guys last week as we have an infestation of leatherjackets. We applied it on Sunday, doubled the amount etc, had no issues and all

Winter Lawn Feeding by Lily Meyers

Everything You Need to Know About Fertilisation in Winter by Lily Meyers With Winter finally here, it’s time for all keen garden lovers to start thinking about their lawn care

Customer Question – Ladybird availability?

Q. “I would like to purchase some ladybirds as soon as they are available, along with a hut. The blackflies are taking over my roses and bay trees and I

Customer Question – Releasing Solitary Bees

Q. “Hello, I would like to boost the number of solitary bees in my garden. I haven’t introduced these bees to my garden before so I am emailing you for

Customer Question – Lawn care safe for rabbits

Q. “Hi, I have a problem with heavy clay soil and ultimately a lot of moss growth. I also have two indoor rabbits that graze on the grass during suitable

Customer Question – Black Mould on Olive tree?

Q. “Do you have a product that will control the black mould on my Olive Tree – I have attached a couple of pictures for you to look at? It

Customer Question – Is this Leatherjacket Damage?

Q. “Hello there and I hope I can pick your brains re : leatherjackets? My lawn has had chafer grubs, about 10 yrs ago but no problems since (to my

Box Tree Caterpillar Decimation

Q. “Hi, My box hedge has been decimated by these beasts, first noticed a funny smell the other day and then all the leaves got eaten! Found in Kidderminster, Worcestershire.

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