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Control vine weevil grubs naturally by applying Nemasys® Vine Weevil KillerContaining natural nematodes found in UK soil, it has been approved for use in organic gardening by the Soil Association. Nemasys® Vine Weevil Killer needs a soil temperature of 5c, so use it UNDERGLASS all year round or apply OUTDOORS as soon as you discover grubs & the soil is warm enough or apply in the spring (March / April) and autumn (Sept / Oct) when the grubs are at their most destructive. Standard Pack treats 60 x 2 Litre pots or 12 sqm. Available NOW or select a future date below.

Special Offer – Add Zee No Weevil to your order to keep ADULT vine weevils under-control and save £1.50 off the combined price (saving applied at checkout).

N.B. Need a Coarse Rose, NemaCan Watering Can, EasyNem Applicator or Hose-end Feeder  – Add one to your basket and save £1.00 off a Coarse Rose OR save £2.00 off a EasyNem Applicator, Hose-end Feeder or NemaCan when bought with your nematodes (savings applied at the checkout).

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Adult Vine Weevil

Adult vine weevils feed on plant foliage taking distinctive “U” shaped notches from the edge of the leaf. Adults are about 1cm long, brownish black with drab yellow spots on their backs (pictured right). They are nocturnal and unable to fly, but being quick moving they are difficult to spot. They are fond of rhododendrons, camellias and azaleas as well as herbaceous plants. They only munch the edge of the leaf, which is unsightly. N.B. Leaf damage is a sure sign of vine weevil activity, so check for the more destructive grubs in the roots of your plants.

Vine Weevil GrubVine weevil grubs are the real problem, attacking the roots of plants. The grubs over-winter in the roots and emerge as adults in late spring / summer. These adults lay eggs in the rootballs of plants. The eggs hatch and feed before over-wintering and then the whole process starts again. Vine weevil grubs grow to about 1cm and are creamy coloured and crescent shaped with an orange head. Affected plants will wilt even though the soil/compost is moist and as more of the roots are destroyed the plant will eventually topple over. Control vine weevils naturally by applying Nemasys® Vine Weevil Killer as soon as you discover grubs (and the soil temp is 5c) or when the grubs are at their most destructive i.e. in the Spring and Autumn.

Control vine weevils naturally by applying Nemasys® Vine Weevil Killer, which unlike chemical controls, kills the vine weevil grubs BEFORE they attack the plants and is so safe you can use on pot plants (both in the greenhouse and conservatory), container plants outside, and anywhere in the garden. It also SAFE to use on food crops such as strawberries and herbs! Nemasys® Vine Weevil Killer is safe to you, your children, pets and wildlife. Nemasys® Standard Pack treats 60 x 2L pots or 12 sqm. For pot application, measure 10% of the pot volume and apply an equivalent amount of nematode solution i.e for a 10 litre pot apply 1 litre of solution. Apply Nemasys® Vine Weevil Killer as follows :-

  • Treat grubs discovered UNDERGLASS at anytime of year. Available all year round.
  • Treat grubs discovered OUTDOORS as long as the soil temp is 5c i.e. normally between March and October. Available NOW!
  • Discovered a heavy infestation? Order a Spring / Autumn Offer to fit 2 applications in before the end of the year and save money too!
  • Apply MORE OFTEN in warmer situations or where vine weevils are a persistent problem. Order an Extended Programme for delivery throughout the year and save money too!

Nemasys® Vine Weevil Killer contains the natural nematode, Steinernema Kraussei, which is effective at controlling vine weevil grubs, but is totally safe for children, pets and wildlife and can be used on edible crops too! It comes as a powder simply mix with water and apply like a liquid feed to the soil around the roots. Once applied, the nematodes seek out the vine weevil grubs and invade them. They multiply inside the grub turning it brown and papery before it disintegrates. The nematodes are then released back into the soil to get rid of more grubs.

How is it sent? – Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer is a perishable, living product, so it is sent out fresh by Royal Mail 1st class post. Being a perishable, living product, it must be used before the expiry date (which is marked on the inside of the pack and will be at least 2 weeks) and it must be stored in the fridge until it is needed. Once opened, the contents do not keep, so it must be used in one day – do NOT store the made up solution or powder. 1 or 2 packs will go through your letterbox and should be popped in the fridge as soon as possible – they are fine on the doormat while you are at work.

How to apply? – Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer is easy to use. Simply mix the harmless powder with water & apply to the soil around the plant using a watering can fitted with a rose (we recommend the Coarse Rose no.14) or use a NemaCan Watering Can, EasyNem Applicator or a Hose-end Feeder for larger areas. Use the whole pack before the expiry date, which is marked on the inside of the pack and will be at least a couple of weeks. Apply to the root ball of each plant or soak pots to make sure the nematodes come into contact with any grubs present.

N.B. Need a Coarse Rose, NemaCan Watering Can, EasyNem Applicator or Hose-end Feeder  – Add one to your basket and save £1.00 off a Coarse Rose OR save £2.00 off a EasyNem Applicator, Hose-end Feeder or NemaCan when bought with your nematodes (savings applied at the checkout).


  1. Marion Jay (verified owner)

    I have bought vine weevil nematodes from Green Gardener for many years now and have had hardly any vine weevil grub attack, despite seeing adults in the garden regularly. Many of my plants have been in pots for the past 2 years because we moved house, but the twice-yearly application of nematodes have kept them clear, even the weevils’ favourites, heucheras and ferns! Delivery is always prompt and customer service friendly. I would recommend them.

  2. Keryn Evely (verified owner)

    I bought some nematodes which I hope have been getting to grips with the vine weevil problem in my pot plants indoors and out. I had lots of questions which were patiently and thoroughly answered in a phone conversation. Everything was despatched as described on the website and the cost was less than other places I had looked at.

  3. Graham Harrad (verified owner)

    After using the nematodes before, there appeared to be less damage from the vine weevils. I am looking forward to even more damage free plants.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I bought nematodes to deal with vine weavils. You can’t see them, but they seem to work!

  5. Terence Langridge (verified owner)

    Ordered Nematodes for Vine Weevil, they arrived within 2days and were applied immediately,never had a problem with any order that I have placed and have found that Nematodes do the job,most definitely will be ordering more in Spring time to make sure,

  6. Emma Maxwell (verified owner)

    I use nematodes in the spring and autumn to control vine weevils in my garden pots and they have proved very effective. No plants chewed off at ground level for a couple of years now: I’m a much happier gardener!

  7. Josie Hand (verified owner)

    “Excellent to be able to obtain products which do not damage wild life – I use vine weevil micro product which does an excellent job.”

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Year after year despite my best efforts I would discover that the roots of hitherto perfectly healthy heucheras in pots had been destroyed. Then I read about your vine weevil killer and it is miraculous.

  9. Lynne Mills (verified owner)

    The Nemasys was easy to find and to order. The packaging was sturdy and the item well protected. There were clear instructions on the box. Thanks.

  10. Mary Cartwright (verified owner)

    I have found Green Gardener very useful over the years. I have dealt with vine weevil and box caterpillar using nematodes, with success. They are prompt with delivery and helpful too.

  11. Carolyn (verified owner)

    A spring application of vine weevil treatment rescued my potted fuschias and primulas and I have just given them an autumn top-up to eradicate any which may have arrived since. It’s an effective organic product which is easy to apply and a lot cheaper than replacing plants, not to mention avoiding the distress of finding a sickly plant and uncovering those nasty grubs!”

  12. Arline (verified owner)

    Always the cheapest for vine weevil nematodes and delivery is speedy.

  13. Christine (verified owner)

    I like their products and have had multiple products from them for a few years now. This time I had vine weevil, destroyed two pots, but the delivery was prompt (Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer), used it and have lost no more plants.

  14. Trudy Blows

    Been buying these and ladybirds for a few years now, always recommend green gardener, but I need to get something to apply nematodes as the big rose for watering can doesn’t work for me,so I’ve had to just use watering can without the rose to apple them. I am getting more though!

    • Jon

      Thanks for the message and thanks for the comments. Our new EasyNem Applicator is great for applying nematodes if you have a hose or I am in the process of having a rose with bigger holes designed for me to especially for applying nematodes. Kind regards Jon @ Green Gardener

  15. Sarah Lavin

    Looking forward to using this natural product

  16. Joe

    I have bought nematodes and ladybird larvae over the past few years and am happy with the products from GG. Buying new plants seems to bring back the vine weevil but the nematodes definitely get rid of them again.

  17. Jeanne Fry Thomas (verified owner)

    Third year we have purchased this green treatment. That says it all. Hopefully it will be as successful as previous 2 years

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Ordered nematodes for vine weevil, arrived very quickly and good price.

  19. D Scrutton (verified owner)

    Excellent service as usual. The lady who answers the phone is always very helpful. Fingers crossed the nematodes I bought for vine weevil control so far seemed to have done their job.

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent product! Help my dahlias and Heucheras to survive.

  21. M Jay (verified owner)

    Always reliable, quick delivery and the vine weevil Nemasys treatment really works. One happy customer!

  22. Kathleen Burt (verified owner)

    I have ordered from Green Gardener on several occasions and have always found their service excellent. So many products to choose from but in my case it is nematodes to deal with pesky vine weevils. With the nematodes there has been a marked improvement so well worth using.

  23. JAN ELLIS (verified owner)

    Product worked brilliantly.

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Green Gardener is my favourite company for gardening stuff – I always buy nematodes to clobber the pesky vine weevils. You have the very best prices and your deliveries always arrive right on time. Big thanks to everyone at Green Gardener for such a great online shopping experience.

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is definitely the best product for vine weevil grubs and great service and delivery thank you.

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Well laid out and informative web site. An innovative range of products to help gardeners manage problems without compromising the environment. I purchased a product to deal with vine weevil which arrived promptly and I have now applied particularly to over wintering plants in pots and vulnerable garden plants.

  27. Lesley Key (verified owner)

    I have ordered and used Nematodes to control vine weevil. This to me is the ideal solution and the service I have received from Green Gardener has been perfect. Will be ordering more next season, thank you.

  28. Miranda Fagandini (verified owner)

    Quick reliable service. And since I started using nematodes, my heucheras haven’t looked back!! One suggestion – could you offer an option to buy a double dose of nematodes in the 12m size? I have quite a few but not enough to warrant the larger pack.

    • Jon (verified owner)

      Thanks for the review and we do offer a double delivery in the 12 sqm size – please CLICK HERE to find out more.

  29. Robin Pears (verified owner)

    Thank you a good job done . We were kept well informed on the progress and are pleased with the result.

  30. Colin Pearson (verified owner)

    In 2023 it was the first time we had purchased the vine weevil products from Green Gardener because we were at a loss as how to get rid of them. Using the products as instructed, so far 2024 looks very hopeful as we have only seen one or two grub’s, hence the re-ordering of the same products Nemasys vine weevil killer and Zee no weevil. Keep up the great fight.

  31. Linda Thomas (verified owner)

    I have bought vine weevil nematodes from Green Gardener for a few years and find their delivery service at staged intervals to be reliable and prompt. The product deals effectively with vine weevils in my garden pots and have recommended the product to my son who also had a weevil issue. He too received prompt delivery to sort the pest out. The product is cost effective in that it saves having to replace precious plants killed by the nuisance weevils.

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