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How Effective Are Wool Pellets?

One of the most destructive pests you can find in any garden is slugs. Slugs will chew through and destroy any leaves and seeds you have, often at night when

How To Set a Fly Trap

Flies are one of the most annoying of garden pests as they reproduce quickly and are near impossible to catch. So if you need to get rid of a large

Cat Repellent – We Tested What Works!

Even cat people will agree that felines and flowerbeds don’t mix. If neighbourhood pets have taken a shine to your garden, one of our cat repellent devices can save the

How to Kill Weeds Quickly and Effectively

Some form of weed killer is an essential tool for any gardener. If you’re interested in plants and flowers, you’ll want to keep your garden looking its best. One way

The Damage Wasps Can Do to Your Garden

Whilst the return of bees is for many people an exciting part of summer, there’s one garden resident we are rarely happy to see. With their irritating buzz and penchant

Protecting Your Garden From Slugs – Some Things you Didn’t Know!

Every gardener knows the havoc an infestation of slugs can have in the garden. Some people may think slugs are horrible slimy things which is understandable. But like so many

Ideal Gifts – NEW LED Illuminated Planters.

Made in the UK, brighten up your home / garden / business with one of these NEW contemporary LED Illuminated Planters. These LED Planters are lightweight (very easy to move),

Customer Question – Using Biodegradable weedkiller on veg patch?

Q. “Is the safe to use to clear a allotment patch to get it ready to plant vegetables?” from Darren A. Thanks for the message and yes it is safe

New Wipe and Clean 100% natural cleaner

This ALL PURPOSE cleaner is 100% NATURAL and chemical-free. Replace chemical cleaning products with this ONE easy to use spray, which uses good bacteria instead of chemicals to keep your

Customer Question – Box Tree Moth Nematodes

Q. “Is your nematode for box tree moth Bacillus thuringensis? I haven’t seen any yet, but reckon it may be good to be prepared if the nematodes work.” Judith Davies

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