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Customer Question – Huge numbers of Leatherjackets HELP!

Q. “We brought some turf that has been replaced 3 times now and when we dug up a 2ft area it was infested with thousands of leather jackets – see

Customer Question – Can you identify a pest?

Q. Help ! Please identify and diagnose treatment for the grubs I’ve found under my lawn? I have attached a picture of what I have found. A. Thanks for the

Customer Question – Applying Leatherjacket Killer

Q. “When do I need to apply nematodes , is it just if I see daddy long legs? Or can it wait until spring, Thanks” from Lee via the website.

Customer Question – When to treat Leatherjackets?

Q. “Hi, I have a leatherjacket problem on my lawn that I need to sort so looking for advice what to get, how/when to apply etc. Rear lawn is about

Customer Question – What is attacking our lawn?

Q. “Hi, We believe we had a leatherjacket infestation last autumn which was highlighted by the damage the local magpies then inflicted – see pictures below. We treated with nematodes

Customer Question – Can we identify this bug?

Q. “We found a colony of bugs as shown in the picture: they were lurking under the turf of our lawn. There are large yellowish area of grass, and there

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