Customer Question – Whitefly? and Sticky Plants

Q. “Hello, can you tell me what product you would recommend to control white spider mite on an indoor Calamondin plant please?” Philip Mansfield A. Thanks for the message and

Customer Question – Mealy Bug on Jade Plants

Q. “Hello, I have a lot of jade plants (money trees) in my conservatory and this year I have seen lots of mealybugs. I have tried spraying with a watered

Customer Question – Box Blight or Caterpillar damage

Q. “Good morning, Please could you tell me if the Box Caterpillar is the same as the Box hedge blight caterpillar/moth that eats and kills Box hedging? I’ve searched my

Customer Question – Releasing Ladybirds and Washing Up Liquid

Q. “Hi, I have just sprayed my rose bushes that are already heavily infested with aphids using a mixture of washing up liquid and water. Can I order the ladybird

Customer Question – Box Caterpillar?

Q. “Good morning, Please could you tell me if the Box Caterpillar is the same as the Box hedge blight  caterpillar/moth that eats and kills Box hedging?  I’ve searched my hedges,

Customer Question – Help with a pest? Thrip?

Q. “I don’t know what these pests are (see photos). They can range from a bright green colour to a brown white colour. They can fly but also seem to

Customer Question – Apple Tree Pest?

Q. “Thanks for chatting to me yesterday about the white ‘bits’ that have been appearing on our apple tree trunk. As I said to you, they are all up the

Customer Question – Saving my lawn?

Q. Hi Green Gardener, I have an infestation of Chafer bugs and my lawn is in a bit of a mess, the grass is easily raked away along with the

Thanks Nemaslug for my hostas

“Dear Green Gardener, great to talk to you earlier. The 1st picture is the garden before lots of hard work and nematodes. The day of judging for the Chandlers Ford

Customer Question – Foxes damaging Lawn

Q. “We have an issue at home where foxes are removing the top layer of turf on our lawn, crows are then moving the turf to eat earthworms and other

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