Box Tree Caterpillars and Blight

Box Tree Caterpillars and Box Blight have become big problems in recent year. We have a number of natural solutions for both of these problems including Nemasys Fruit and Vegetable Protection for controlling the caterpillars and a Box Tree Moth Trap for controlling the moths themselves.

  • Nemasys® F&V - Spray with Nemasys® F&V as soon as the 1st caterpillars are spotted (late March onwards) and then repeat as needed to keep the caterpillars under control.
  • Box Tree Moth Trap - Use this funnel trap to trap the moths.
  • As mentioned in the Sunday Times - TopBuxus Box Tree Health Mix - Use TopBuxus Box Tree Health Mix for healthy green, blight free box trees / hedges/ balls. TopBuxus is a brilliant leaf fertiliser, which is sprayed on and encourages healthy blight-free growth.
  • Straw Easy Mulch – Box Blight thrives in moist conditions, so mulch around your box plants with Straw Mulch Pellets, which absorbs and locks in moisture you can reduce box tree blight.