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Sciarid Fly Nematodes

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Control sciarid fly naturally by applying Sciard Nematodes when the pest is spotted and the soil temperature is 10°C. Containing natiral nematodes these nematodes are safe to use on indoors, on food crops, are safe for children, pets and wildlife and are easy to use. Sciarid Fly lives on and around the compost of pots in greenhouses and indoors. They are midge like flies that can be seen jumping or hovering over the soil surface and the damage is caused by the larvae which feed on the roots. Sciarid Nematodes need a daytime temperature of 10°C and are a perishable product (it will keep for 2 weeks in the fridge), so please order when the temperature are suitable and you are ready to treat. Available in two sizes – choose between a STANDARD 15 sqm pack or a LARGE 50 sqm pack. Available NOW.

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Also known as compost fly / fungus gnat, Sciarid fly is a common pest of greenhouse plants and houseplants. The Sciarid flies crawl over the compost surface and if disturbed fly on to the lower leaves – there can be very annoying especially on houseplants. The larval stage in the compost attacks the roots and can kill young seedlings. Control sciarid fly naturally by applying Sciarid Nematodes

Sciarid Fly Nematodes are safe to use on food crops, safe for children, pets and wildlife and are easy to use – mix the nematodes with water and water directly into the affected pots / trays. Sciarid Fly Nematodes need a daytime soil temperature of 10°C. Safe for plants – will not scorch tender seedlings or young plants. Safe for you – use on plants in your living room or conservatory. Sciarid Nematodes are a living, perishable product (it will keep for up to 2 weeks in the fridge), so please order when the pest is present and you are ready to treat. Available in two sizes – choose between a STANDARD 15 sqm pack or a LARGE 50 sqm pack.

Special Offer – Add Pot Glue Traps to your order for £8.99 saving £1.00 off the combined price. 
Special Offer –
Stop Sciarid Flies laying their eggs in your pots / containers / seed trays by adding a layer of Sciarid Zoot Off. Add Sciarid Zoot Off to your order and save £1.99 off the combined price
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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Ordered nematode worms for fungus flies for my balcony ‘grow-arium’, arrived promptly and has diminished the fly populous and will hopefully eradicate them completely. My chilli plants are on the road to recovery. A very good green solution, would recommend.

  2. Lauren Tobia (verified owner)

    Excellent product.. worked really well.. all scarred fly gone in 3 days

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Selling non-chemical pest control which sorted our fungus gnat infestation great!

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I found Green Gardener online after finally working out what I needed to get rid of a fly infestation in my houseplants. Their website was clear, it was easy to work out what I needed, and as a non expert I found the ‘purchased with’ section useful as it lead me to some things I wouldn’t have known about but which were very useful. The website was easy to use, the delivery was quick and the prices were reasonable, and I liked the fact it was a smaller family owned business (why give more to the conglomerates than you have to!) All in all a successful shopping trip and I’ll be back for some bee houses soon!

  5. Emer (verified owner)

    I came across Green Gardeners site when looking for Nematodes for a Fungus Gnat problem on a few houseplants. I ordered the Sciarid/Fungus Gnats Nematodes for 15sqm, the dispatch and delivery was very quick. The order came with good, clear instructions on how to store and use the nematodes and what the “shelf life” of the nematodes were, some things I had no clue about before I ordered, so it was incredibly helpful. I kept the little plastic container of nematodes in the fridge for a couple of days before use, i then made the solution and diluted it and used as instructed. I only had a few plants that I constantly noticed fungus gnats on, but I watered all of my plants with the treatment to be safe, I have 30+ houseplants and I had plenty of treatment left, that I then used in the garden. It’s been a couple of weeks since I used the treatment and haven’t noticed any more fungus gnats, I’ve tapped on all of my houseplants, which would usually cause any fungus gnats to fly away, but I haven’t noticed any at all which is so great! I’ve tried other fungus gnat control solutions before and the best thing that worked then was the yellow sticky traps, but they didn’t stop it as they only caught the adults and not the larvae. I’d highly recommend this for anyone with a fungus gnat problem!

  6. F Berry (verified owner)

    The nematodes arrived promptly and the user instructions were clear, the gnats have gone.

  7. Vicki H (verified owner)

    Had tried so many things to get rid of fungus gnats that had taken over both of my amaryllis – sticky traps, changing the compost, not watering. None of it really worked – the sticky traps did but they didn’t stop the infestation for good just controlled it somewhat. I had almost given up hope when I came across these. I was SHOCKED to observe that they completely solved my fungus gnat problem in less than a week! Life-changing and wondrous! Couldn’t recommend enough.

    • Jon

      The nematodes are amazing and unlike chemicals the pests cannot develop a tolerance. Kind regards Jon @ Green Gardener

  8. Robin Harding

    Excellent products and fast delivery. Great solution to the gnat infestation!

  9. William Smith

    Very quick delivery, they arrived the next day somehow. Quality of the product was good (Sciarid Nematodes), they got the job done very quickly! Will definitely be using green gardener again.

  10. zaline iqbal

    Bought Sciarid Nematodes & Sciarid Zoot Off – both arrived promptly and so far worked fantastic. Will definitely be reviewing website for other items – great stuff.

  11. Anonymous

    Can’t praise Jon highly enough! I had a serious sciarid fly infestation and was time-restricted in when I could deal with it. Pre-purchase, Jon gave me first-class advice on the best treatments, and times to apply them. I followed them carefully and can say that since then the difference is beyond all expectations! I can count on my fingers the number of flies I’ve seen since treatment and truly believe I’ve finally gotten on top of them: the relief is immense and I’m forever grateful !! Thank You!!

  12. Helen

    These nematodes are incredibly effective at getting rid of those pesky little black sciarid flies that manage to get into my plants in every room of the flat and then fly past my nose when I’m watching television. The nematodes are so dramatically effective that I feel sorry for them because they quite quickly exhaust their source of nourishment!

  13. Dev Patel

    Great service and just what we needed to get rid of the Fungus Gnats.

  14. Shadi Bavar (verified owner)

    Order arrived quickly, and the nematodes eliminated my fungus gnat infestation like nothing else I tried.

  15. Tom

    Great service. I have ordered three times lol. I made the mistake by not adding the yellow stickers to catch the flies, because although the nematodes have killed the larva – the adults were flying around and after a few days they reproduced again. This time I am on a mission. Thank you for such a great product!

  16. Chris Hale (verified owner)

    Sciarid Fly Nematodes Order fulfilment is quick and I can recommend the product.

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery, (within a couple of days), with no additional postal charges. We are now fungus gnat free after using the triple attack method of nematodes, Zoot off top dressing and sticky fly catcher strips.

  18. Chelsea Sinclair (verified owner)

    Excellent. Prompt delivery, plenty of information given about the product and how to use it, no more fungus gnats since I used it!

  19. Cathy Smith (verified owner)

    I purchased the nematodes to deal with the black fungus gnat, and so far so good. The number of flies has reduced dramatically. The order was promptly dispatched with clear instructions on how to use it. I will use the company again.

  20. Victoria Collins (verified owner)

    I ordered Zoot off and nematodes for an infestation of sciarid flies. The website is full of useful information and delivery was quick. Great customer service and problem solved!

  21. Anne Cockitt (verified owner)

    My order of nematodes arrived swiftly and they were effective, no sciarid flies around my indoor plants after about 10 days of the treatment. Thanks.

  22. Rhona (verified owner)

    Excellent products, particularly the Sciarid Fly nematodes which work! Prompt delivery and service.

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Every year when I bring in my houseplants we get an infestation of sciarid flies, and every year I order nematodes from Green Gardener, and every year they arrive promptly and work perfectly to get rid of the flies. Thank you Green Gardener!

  24. Janet Bott (verified owner)

    Gave good info on the product, which did the job with no nasty chemicals. Delivery was prompt.

  25. Karen Oliver (verified owner)

    Purchased nematodes for house plant fly issue. They have worked where nothing else did. Took a little time but did the job. Purchased arrived promptly and will buy again from here if needed.

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery, great price and great quality product. I ordered nematodes to deal with fungus gnats in my houseplants. They worked really fast! I can only assume they must have been all alive and ready for battle. Thanks green gardener!

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Ordered nematodes, that came fast, instructions were good and it has solved the issue with sciarid fly.

  28. Christine Elliott (verified owner)

    It’s the first time I have bought from Green Gardener and I am sure it won’t be the last. My plants had an awful sciarid fly infestation but thankfully, the nematodes (which were not at all scary, as I’d feared) got to work and sorted it out. I am keeping fingers crossed that the collars I bought will deter hosta-hungry snails! The company has a great ethos, products are excellent quality and value.

  29. Carol Swarbrick (verified owner)

    I had been over run with the little black flies , and couldn’t seem to find a product to treat my plants . I found the nematode product on green gardener and I it works, brilliant Stuff . I would definitely recommend . Green gardener were very quick with the postage would certainly use them again.

  30. Timothy Harwood (verified owner)

    Green gardener has a great selection of environmentally friendly ways of controlling pests (slug nematodes and the sciarid fly nematodes are my usual and they work) Delivery is always quick and well done. I love the slug nematode programme that means I can buy the subscription and they are sent out at a regular interval which means I can keep on top of the pests.

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