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Leatherjacket Double Delivery

£ 39.5000

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Leatherjacket Double Delivery

Nemasys® Leatherjacket Killer Double Delivery - Nemasys® Leatherjacket Killer is normally applied in September, but if you have discovered a severe infestation, then you can treat in the spring as well. If you apply Nemasys Leatherjacket Killer in the spring i.e. April, then you MUST apply at DOUBLE strength as the mature Leatherjackets are much harder to kill and you and you MUST treat in September as well. Order our DOUBLE delivery and we will send you the treatments at the correct times and save money too!

Our DOUBLE is sent in the spring 2019 (w/c 08/04/19 - or select your own date below)) with the 2nd pack following in the autumn i.e. it will be sent w/c 08/09/19 or email jess@greengardener.co.uk an alternative date and we will organise it. N.B. If any of the delivery dates are not convenient then please select an alternative start date on the order confirmation page or email us (jess@greengardener.co.ukany programme changes and we will organise it.

Nemasys® Leatherjacket Killer DOUBLE delivery Large Pack (treats  50 sqm in the spring and then treats 100 sqm in the autumn) £39.50 saving £4.00
Nemasys® Leatherjacket Killer DOUBLE delivery Economy Pack 
(treats 250 sqm in the spring and then treats 500 sqm in the autumn) £149.00 saving £10.00

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Daddy Long LegsCrane flies or daddy long legs lay their eggs in the same area of lawn from which they emerge, so numbers increase rapidly. These eggs hatch in August / Sept and the larvae immediately start to feed on the grass roots. The leatherjackets will feed though the autumn, before overwintering. They start feeding again the following spring and gorge on grass roots before pupating to emerge as adults in August. The symptoms of an attack are that grass growth slows and yellow patches appear PLUS the grass easily pulled up with little or no root growth. One of the biggest indicators of an infestation are birds, particularly starlings, which will pull at the lawn (causing even more damage) in search of the leatherjackets to eat.

LeatherjacketsLeatherjackets - In August, customers report clouds of daddy long legs emerging from lawns in early morning leaving behind the casings sticking up in the lawn. As the daddy long legs emerge, they start to lay their eggs back in infected lawns starting the whole cycle again - the next generation of leatherjackets hatch within 2 weeks. Leatherjackets are up to 2.5cm / 1" long, greyish black in colour, legless and with no distinct head. We recommend treating with Nemasys® Leatherjacket Killer in late autumn when the leatherjackets are newly hatched, close to the surface and the soil is warm and the leatherjackets are the most susceptible to the nematodes. You can treat during the rest of the year, but you need to apply the treatment at double strength.

Control leatherjackets naturally by applying Nemasys® Leatherjacket Killer containing millions of nematodes (Steinernema Feltiae) to the infected lawn as soon as the leatherjackets are discovered (and the soil temperature is 10c) or when the leatherjackets are active i.e. in the autumn (Sept / Oct) and in the spring (April). Nemasys® Leatherjacket Killer is effective at killing leatherjackets, but is harmless to children, wildlife and pets and the lawn may be used immediately after application. Apply as follows :-

  • Apply Nemasys® Leatherjacket Killer in September/October - This is the ideal time to treat as the soil is warm PLUS the leatherjackets are newly hatched and are the most susceptible to the nematodes, so if you have had leatherjackets in the past or have discovered a leatherjacket infestation or your neighbours are infested and you want to keep them at bay, treat in September/October. When applying in the autumn, each pack will treat 100 sqm.
  • Apply Nemasys® Leatherjacket Killer when leatherjackets are discovered - Nemasys® Leatherjacket Killer is normally applied in September as this is when the leatherjackets are newly hatched and most susceptible to the nematodes, but if you have discover leatherjackets (not daddy long legs) at any other time of year i.e. in the spring/summer then treat at double strength as the mature leatherjackets are much harder to kill, but you must treat in September as well. When applying in the spring / summer at double strength i.e. Large packs will treat 50 sqm / Economy packs will treat 250 sqm. Pre-order for delivery next Spring - sent w/c 08/04/19 or email jess@greengardener.co.uk an alternative date and we will send it accordingly.

How to apply? - Nemasys® Leatherjacket Killer is easy to use. Simply mix the harmless powder with water & apply to the lawn using a watering can fitted with a rose (we reommend the Haws Rose no.14) or use a hose-end feeder / nematode applicator for larger areas. Nemasys® Leatherjacket Killer should be applied to a moist lawn (we recommend pre - watering) on a dull day or in the evening. After application you MUST wash the nematodes into the lawn by watering heavily with a hose or a sprinkler. Once applied the nematodes will seek out the leatherjacket larvae and on contact they enter the larvae and destroy it. Having destroyed the leatherjacket ,the nematodes multiply and are released back into the soil to hunt down more leatherjackets.

How is it sent? - Nemasys® Leatherjacket Killer is a perishable, living product, so it is sent out fresh by Royal Mail 1st class post. Being a perishable, living product, it must be used before the expiry date (which is marked on the inside of the pack and will be at least 2 weeks) and it must be stored in the fridge until it is needed. Once opened, the contents do not keep, so it must be used in one day - do NOT store the made up solution or powder. 1 or 2 packs will go through your letterbox and should be popped in the fridge as soon as possible - they are fine on the doormat while you are at work. N.B. Larger orders i.e. 3 or more large packs / 2 economy packs will are sent by Special Delivery, so someone will need to be in to receive it.


Customer Reviews 5 item(s)

Excellent quick service. Blighted with Leather Jackets in my garden each year. Then the government bans the pesticides. Someone told me about Green gardener and their alternative and I use it every year. No more eaten away grass. Quickly despatched with full instructions.
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 15/10/2018)
We have used Leatherjacket killer for three years now after our law was decimated .
The results were amazing after first application.
Fantastic product. Thanks Team.
Review by Steve Hawen / (Posted on 15/10/2018)
After losing an entire lawn to Leatherjackets in 2016, I started using the Nematode product twice a year. Since then my lawn has been untouched. This year I had an additional problem with large numbers of very large slugs. Once again Green Gardener provided the cure.
Review by Ian Flockhart / (Posted on 20/08/2018)
The nematode dose for leather jackets in my lawn has worked wonders! After two weeks my lawn has recovered and the patches have disappeared!
Really simple to apply!
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 20/08/2018)
Good product (nematode leatherjacket treatment) - highly effective last year so re-applied.
Prompt delivery and good instructions
Review by Anonymous / (Posted on 20/08/2018)

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