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10 things about Solitary Bees

10 things about Solitary Bees Mason Bees almost never sting. Mason Bees do not produce honey, but are vital in the garden as very effective pollinators. Bees are responsible for

Plastic-Free Plants / Seeds Sowing

Our range of PLASTIC-FREE Coir Pellets (pictured above), Coir Pots or soil blocks made with our best-selling Soil Block Maker (as demonstrated on Gardeners World), are ideal for sowing seeds

Mulch Borders NOW

Save 10% on Slug Gone Wool Pellets for Mulching Borders! Mulching your borders in the autumn i.e. NOW makes the garden look better, protects the roots of your plants from

w/c 05/03/2018 – Weather Update and Nematode Deliveries

Weather update – The cold weather means that the soil is likely to be too cold for nematodes, so we are delaying all of the nematode pre-orders for a week.

Watering Soil Blocks made with a Soil Block Maker

Q. The compost block maker. Surely, when you water the compost/seedlings, won’t the block collapse? From Sue by email A. Thanks for the message and once the compost is compressed

Cat repellent – we tested what works!

Even cat people will agree that felines and flowerbeds don’t mix. If neighbourhood pets have taken a shine to your garden, one of our cat repellent devices can save the

Protecting your garden from slugs –some things you didn’t know!

Every gardener knows the havoc an infestation of slugs can have in the garden. Some people may think slugs are horrible slimy things which is understandable. But like so many

Lawn Pests – Leatherjackets and Chafer Grubs

When the lawn looks good, the garden looks good too, however, in recent years BOTH Chafer Grubs and Leatherjackets have flourished (due to milder winters and autumns) and BOTH these

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