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"Just to say that whilst I am more than happy using the internet for buying, for me the people on the end of the phone at Green Gardener are always so helpful and friendly it a real pleasure to phone through and order. Thank you all." Alistair Parker

"Can I just say how helpful your email advice has been to me, a novice gardener, and how good your service has been. It seems very rare these days to find organisations like yours who go out of their way to be informative and helpful. Thank-you!" Jon Blackie by email

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Green Gardener - the natural way to keep your garden looking good

Green Gardener, the natural way to keep pests and weeds under control

Green Gardener specialises in NATURAL chemical free pest control. Control OUTDOOR pests - Slugs (Nemaslug®), Vine Weevil (Nemasys®), Ants (Nemasys® No Ants), Leatherjackets (Nemasys® Leatherjacket Killer), Chafer Grubs (Nemasys® Chafer Killer), Aphids (Ladybirds) & Vegetable Pests (Nemasys® Grow Your Own). Control pests UNDERGLASS - Whitefly (Encarsia), Red Spider Mite (Phytosieulus), Aphids (Aphidius & Pace Mix), Mealybug (Cryptolaemus) Sciarid Fly & Scale (nematodes).

We also have copper slug & snail tape, copper rings/bands, hosta halos, shocka rolls to control slugs & snails in pots, animal repellents (to repel ants, flies, wasps, squirrels, mice, rats, cats, foxes ,deer, moles), natural sprays, wormeries, composters, water butts, fertilisers, wildlife houses, seeds, Butterfly & Ladybird Kits.

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Ladybirds are available NOW

As featured in Waitrose Weekend Magazine Ladybirds are a welcome sight in the garden, where they happily munch away on greenfly & other pests. By releasing ladybirds in your garden you can boost their numbers, which will lead to a permanent decrease in the number of pests - each ladybird will eat about 5000 aphids & will soon produce ladybird larvae which in turn also eat aphids. Adult Ladybirds & Ladybird Larvae are available NOW!


Nemaslug® is available NOW

Keep applying Nemaslug® to keep your plants looking their best. Nemaslug® contains natural nematodes, which are effective at controlling slugs PLUS they are safe for children, pets & wildlife. By using Nemaslug® until the autumn, the less slugs there will be to over-winter & breed, so there will be less slugs next spring.


Use Nemasys No Ants on ants nests

As recommended in the Mail on Saturday - Tackle ants nests in lawns & borders by watering Nemasys® No Ants containing natural nematodes directly into the nests. Nemasys® No Ants controls ants of all colours (including red ones) & is totally safe for children, pets & wildlife & the lawn can be used directly after use. Simply repeat to keep the area ant free. Available NOW.


Apply Nemasys to keep vine weevil at bay

Apply Nemasys® Vine Weevil Killer as soon as you discover grubs & then apply in the autumn i.e. Sept when the grubs are at their most destructive. If you have discovered vine weevil grubs, treat NOW with Nemasys® Vine Weevil Killer & then treat AGAIN in the autumn. Order our Double Delivery & it will be sent ASAP & w/c 08/09 & saves money. Available NOW.


Nemasys Grow Your Own is available NOW

Apply Nemasys® Grow your Own NOW - Growing your own fruit and vegetables is becoming popular, but pests can attack your crops. Stop this happening by applying Nemasys® Grow your Own to control ALL the main insect pests WITHOUT using chemicals. Nemasys Grow Your Own is a unique mix of different nematodes that is safe to use on food crops, is suitable for use on organic crops and it will not harm pets, children, wildlife or bees. Available NOW.


Add Clarity & Barley Straw to your pond

Ponds often turn green in summer, because algae & blanket weed love warmer water. Keep your pond clear by adding Clarity &/or our Barley Straw. Barley straw is 100% natural & is the safe, effective & inexpensive way to improve water quality & stop algae growth without risk to wildlife or plants. Barlet Straw rots much quicker in the summer i.e. NOW - it will start working in only 1-2 weeks.


Best Selling Solar Lights available NOW

Available again - Solar Garden Lights - Use solar lights & you don't have to worry about your carbon footprint! Solar Lights charge during the day & thern come on automatically when it is dark. Solar Fairy, Party & Utility Lights are available NOW. The new Fairy & Party Lights are NOW USB chargeable, so you can charge them if the weather has let you down.


Ideal School Holiday Projects

Our Butterfly / Ladybird Breeding Kits contains everything you need to breed your own butterflies or ladybirds, which can then be released in your garden. Watch them develop & because they are native, once developed, you can keep them for a few days before releasing them in the garden. Our Butterfly Breeding Kits come with a pre-paid VOUCHER for the 1st lot of caterpillars, so there is nothing else to pay for i.e. other suppliers require you to pay extra postage. N.B. You can order the Ladybird Kit with LIVE Larvae & Food included. 


Use this kit to breed your own Ladybirds

Wasps are a nuisance, so use a Waspinator to create a large wasp free zone WITHOUT killing the wasps. The Waspinator repels wasps by mimicking an enemy wasp nest i.e. foraging wasps will think there is already a wasps nest there and will keep well away for fear of being attacked by the nest's defenders. Hang the Waspinator up, wait 15 minutes & any wasps will leave the area! Each waspinator clears an area of approx 6m radius.


For blemish free roses use Sulphur Rose

As recommended by Dan Pearson in the Observer - Roses are a gardener's favourite, but often develop Blackspot & Mildew. Sulphur rose is a brilliant plant tonic, which is sprayed on & encourages healthy blemish-free growth. Spray regularly through the growing season.


The Pure Rain Handheld Sprayer

The Pure Rain attachment add millions of microscopic nano-bubbles to ordinary tap water, which help your plants to absorb nutrients faster, making them healthier, stronger & more disease resistant. Watering regularly with a Pure Rain Sprayer can increase leafy plant growth by up to 30% WITHOUT chemicals.


SB Invigorator natural spray

SB Invigorator natural spray controls a range of pests in a safe & effective way PLUS it controls fungal diseases & it contains a foliar feed. Use SB Invigorator to control pests BEFORE introducing predators i.e. if there are lots of aphids, use SB Invigorator 1st to keep them under control & because SB Invigorator does not leave any harmful chemical residues left behind Ladybirds can then be released.


Use copper tape to repel slugs from pots

Apply Copper Tape to pots to repel slugs from pots. Slugs hate copper, because of a reaction with their mucus, so apply self adhesive copper tape to your pots / containers to form a barrier slugs will not cross. Wrap self adhesive copper tapes around the rim or base of pots to create a physical barrier slugs will not cross.


A Worm Works Wormery for kitchen waste

A Worm Works Wormery is the easy way to convert your kitchen waste into FREE compost & liquid feed. Supplied with 250g of WORMS, it will easily handle the kitchen waste from a family - simply add more trays to increase the amount of waste it can handle. Liquid fertilizer is drained regularly from the tap in the bottom.


Repel unwanted visitors in your garden

The Pestclear Outdoors uses ultrasound to harmlessly repel unwanted visitors i.e. cats, dogs, squirrels, foxes, deer & rabbits. The Pestclear Outdoors is inaudible to us, is safe and effective and will NOT affect fish or birds. It detects movement upto 70ft away & a burst of powerful ultrasound harmlessly scares pests away.


Control Red Spider Mite naturally

The recent HOT weather means Red Spider Mite (RSM) is flourishing - to control RSM in conservatories & greenhouses introduce Phytoseilius AS SOON as it is spotted. Phytoseiulus is a tiny, harmless mite with a BIG appetite for Red Spider Mite ans it is simply sprinkled over the infected plants. Available NOW!



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Butterfly Breeding Kits

These re-usable kits allow you to watch all stages of butterfly development and as we use native British butterflies, they can be released in your garden. Caterpillars available NOW!


New - Urban Composter

This is the quick and easy way to deal with your kitchen scraps and leftovers. It turns your unwanted peels, off-cuts and leftovers into liquid feed and a nutrient-rich fertilizer for your garden. The Urban Composter uses an Accelerator SPRAY rather than Bokashi Bran used in “bran” based systems.

Make newspaper pots

NEW - Make your own biodegradable seedling pots/plugs from nothing more than newspaper! Use them instead of plastic pots & once established the whole pot can be planted directly in the ground.


Hessian Flower Bags

Made from Hessian, these bags are biodegradable & more attractive than plastic versions & are great for creating colour all year round. Hanging bags are easier to prepare and look after than hanging baskets as they require less water and feed.


Repelling Garden Pests

Natural treatments, traps & repellers for a range of garden pests i.e. use Grazers to repel rabbits or use a Pesclear Outdoors to repel, deer, cats, dogs & badgers. Position a Waspinator to repel wasps or position Niteeyes to repel foxes. We also have a range of products to repel squirrels, rats, ants & many more.