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Diatomaceous Earth


Desi-Dust Diatomaceous Earth is a very fine chemical free powder, which can be used to control ants and other crawling insects i.e. mites, bed bugs, lice, feather mites etc BOTH indoors and outdoors. It is used in the same way as ant powder i.e. “squirt” the powder wherever there is any ant activity, but unlike ant powders it is chemical-free and safe to use indoors i.e. in the kitchen, in the garden, around edible crops, in areas where children play and is safe to use around / on pets / chickens. Available in 450g Shaker Tubes and 2kg tubs (we include a 450g Shaker Tube with each tub for easier application).

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Full Description

Desi-Dust Diatomaceous Earth is 100% natural and is supplied as a fine powder, which can be “squirted” where-ever the insects live or crawl. DE is the fossilised remains of diatoms (a type of algae). The diatoms have a silica hard shell which does not decompose in the lakes, or sea where diatoms live. Over long periods of time large volumes of diatoms are exposed on the surface of dried out lakes. Thousands of tons of this natural product are available worldwide. Available in 450g Shaker Tubes and 2kg tubs (we include a 100g Shaker Tube with each tub for easier application).

Desi-Dust Diatomaceous Earth controls insects by physical means not chemical. It is applied to where insects live and is picked up by them and they will then die from contact within a few days. Ideal for use as follows :-

  • Squirt into the cracks and crevices of paving stones / patios
  • Squirt into kitchen cabinets or around doors / skirting boards where ants are entering a building.
  • Rub into a cats / dog’s coat to control fleas and ticks.
  • Diatomaceous Earth can also be used to control Earwigs, woodlice (& other crawling insects in the garden),
  • Worms in cats and dogs – simply add to your pet’s food.
  • Flies in a wormery – add a dusting to the surface of the wormery.
  • Poultry mite both on poultry and in poultry houses.

“Last year I had thousands of ants in a cavity wall. They just kept on coming and coming – like an oil slick on the floor! This year, I put DE into the base of the skirting board and I have only seen about 20!” Mr M by phone.


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