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Customer Question – Treating Vine Weevils?

Q. “Fed up with vine weevil under my honeysuckle! I have used nematodes and jeyes fluid – do they ever go altogether it’s so upsetting how many times do you

Customer Question – When to treat Leatherjackets?

Q. “Hi, I have a leatherjacket problem on my lawn that I need to sort so looking for advice what to get, how/when to apply etc. Rear lawn is about

Customer Question – Controlling Plum Moth

Q. “Which nematodes will work with Plum Moth?” from Claire A. Thanks for the message and because the egg is laid in the blossom and then the fruit develops around

Customer Question – Nemaslug availability?

Q. “Hi, I wanting to know if I ordered Nemaslug today, when would they arrive?” from Kerry Thanks for the message and we have it in stock as it is

Customer Question – Adult or Ladybird Larvae?

Q. “Hello is it still ok to release ladybird larvae or should I buy adult ladybirds?” from Janice. A. Thanks for the question and you can release both at this

Customer Question – Treating Vine Weevils

Q. “I have an attack of vine weevil on my bay trees. I have seen grubs and weevils. Please advise the best way and products that I should use at

Harlequin Ladybirds

One of the things I get the most questions about at this time of year is Harlequin Ladybirds, so I thought I would answer some of these questions as a

Controlling Mealy Bug in my conservatory

I am now the proud owner of 2 large Pony Tail Palms, which look fantastic in the conservatory and I am very pleased with them. However the other day I

Customer Question – Ordering for Schools

Q. “Hi – Would you accept a local authority purchase order from a school? All payments, once authorised by the school are passed to Devon County Council for payment by

Customer Question – Controlling winter pests?

Q. “My conservatory is double glazed 9m x 2.5m x h2.5m. Unheated but frost free. Lots of mealy bugs and aphids on hibiscus brought in for winter. What do you

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