Nemasys Fruit and Vegetable Protection

More and more people are growing their own fruit and vegetables, as fresh produce straight from the garden tastes so much better. But things can go wrong! Apply Nemasys® Fruit and Vegetable Protection to protect your fruit & veg from insect pests WITHOUT using chemicals.

Nemasys® Fruit and Vegetable Protection (F&V) is a unique mix of nematodes, which protects your fruit & veg from a broad range of pests. Nemasys® F&V is suitable for use on organic crops & will NOT harm pets, children, wildlife or bees. Nemasys® F&V works at temperatures above 12c/40f, so apply UNDERGLASS all year round or apply OUTDOORS during the growing season. Use it as follows :-

  • To control soil based pests - Apply Nemasys® Fruit and Vegetable Protection at 2 weekly intervals throughout the growing season. Order Nemasys® F&V individually or we recommend the twin pack (2 packs per delivery), giving 4 weeks control (use one and pop the other one in the fridge to use 2 weeks later) and save money too.
  • Control caterpillars (including Box Tree Caterpillars)/ sawfly / codling moth - Apply Nemasys® F&V 3 times at 7 day intervals when the the caterpillars are 1st spotted and re-apply as necessary to keep caterpillars at bay. We supply in a triple pack (3 packs per delivery - apply 3 times at 7 day intervals) and save money too.