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Sciarid Fly and Thrip Nematodes

Sciarid Fly and and Thrip Nematodes - Both of these pests attack plants in greenhouses and concervatories. We have 2 seperate nematode controls, which are effective when watered on when conditions are suitable. Control Sciarid Fly with Sciarid Fly Nematodes and control Thrip with Thrip Nematodes.

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  1. Rechargeable 1 Litre Easy Sprayer

    The 1 litre Rechargeable Sprayer features a pump and a rechargeable 3.6v battery, which makes it the easy way to apply natural pest control sprays, for watering / misting or use it in the kitchen / bathroom to apply cleaning products. There is no pumping to maintain pressure, so it is very easy to use with just a single button to operate. It takes 2 hours to charge via the USB cable included and once charged it will dispense 30L of sprays between charges. Comes complete with rechargeable battery, charging cable and is available in lime or aqua green. 1 Litre capacity.

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  2. Sciarid Fly Nematodes

    Regular Price: £12.50

    Special Price £11.99

    NEW LOW PRICE! Control sciarid fly naturally by applying Sciard Nematodes when the pest is spotted and the soil temperature is 10°C. Sciarid Fly live on and around the compost of pots in greenhouses and indoors. They are midge like flies that can be seen jumping or hovering over the soil surface and the damage is caused by the larvae which feed on the roots. Sciarid Fly Nematodes are safe to use on food crops, safe for children, pets and wildlife and are easy to use. Available in 2 sizes - 15 sqm or 50 sqm packs. Sciarid Nematodes need a daytime temperature of 10°C and are a perishable product, so please order when the temperature are suitable and you are ready to treat.

    Special Offer - Add a layer of Sciarid Zoot Off to stop Sciarid Fly coming back (CLICK HERE to find out more about Sciarid Zoot Off). Add 1.7kg of Sciarid Zoot Off for £10.00 saving £1.99 off the combined price (add both to your basket and the saving will be applied at the checkout).

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  3. Solo Sprayer

    The Solo Sprayer has an adjustable nozzle making it ideal for applying natural sprays such as winter wash, garlic wonder and sulphur rose. It is also ideally suited for applying Biodegradable Weed Killer and for applying nematodes (Nemasys Fruit & Vegetable Protection) to control caterpillars such as Box Tree Moth Caterpillars. 2 Litre capacity.

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  4. Rechargeable 5 Litre Sprayer

    The 5 litre Rechargeable Sprayer features a pump and a rechargeable 5v battery, which makes it the easy way to apply nematodes, weed killer, pest control sprays & fertilisers around the garden / nursery - no more pumping to maintain pressure! 2 hours spraying after a full charge and it takes 2 hours to charge via the charger included. Comes complete with rechargeable battery, charger and shoulder strap. 5 Litre capacity, which takes 12 minutes to apply. The sprayer features a 5V min-motor powered diaphragm pump, which results in a 0.2-0.25Mpa working pressure. Shoulder strap and lance included. Ideal for applying nematodes, foliar feeds, pest control natural sprays and weedkillers. Available NOW!

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