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Ladybird Breeding Kit

£ 24.9900
Ladybird Breeding Kit
  • Buy 2 for £22.99 each and save 9%

This Ladybird Breeding Kit contains everything you need to raise your own ladybirds (NATIVE British Adalia Bipunctata Ladybirds), which can then be released into your garden. This Ladybird Breeding Kit comes complete with clear plastic breeding chamber (12cm in diameter), an educational poster, instruction guide and EITHER 25 x LIVE Ladybird Larvae and food or a VOUCHER for the 1st lot of ladybird larvae and food included redeemable between Feb and September. Ladybird Larvae are available NOW, so select LIVE ladybirds or a VOUCHER (ideal as a gift) below. 

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This Ladybird Breeding Kit contains everything you need to raise your own ladybirds (NATIVE British Adalia Bipunctata), which can then be released into your garden. Ladybirds are one of the best known beneficial insects and are a welcome sight in the garden helping to control a range of pests including aphids, so why not have a go and breed your own. Ideal for children, schools or a unique gift.

This Ladybird Breeding Kit comes complete with clear plastic breeding chamber (12cm in diameter), an educational poster, instruction guide and EITHER 25 x Ladybird Larvae and food (available Feb to Sept - available NOW) OR a VOUCHER for the 1st lot of ladybird larvae and food, which can be redeemed between Feb and Sept - ideal as a gift. The Ladybird Breeding Kit allows adults and children to study all the stages of ladybird development - see the larvae feed, then pupate and the ladybirds develop before releasing them into your garden to tackle your pest problems. The kit is easy and fun for green gardeners of all ages.

How does it work? When you are ready to begin, redeem the VOUCHER and within 7-10 days you will receive 25 ladybird larvae, food & instructions. Transfer the larvae to the breeding chamber and add the food. It takes 3-4 weeks to raise adult ladybirds from larvae. The larvae will feed, grow and shed their skins 3 times before pupating. After a further 6 to 8 days, the adults emerge. At first the adults are yellow, but within a few hours their rear wings harden and turn red. The adult ladybirds can be studied for a few days before releasing them into your garden to tackle your insect pests.

N.B. The Ladybird Breeding Kit is designed to be re-useable. You can re-order a Ladybird Kit Refill (containing 25 x ladybird larvae and food) anytime between Feb and September and reuse the kit. 


Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

Highly recommend this!
A ladybird breeding kit is a very special birthday gift. I got one for myself and really enjoyed learning more about ladybirds before releasing them into my garden. Highly recommend this!
Review by Jacqueline / (Posted on 21/05/2020)
She loved it!
Ordered a Ladybird Kit for my Mother’s birthday, she loved it! I’m getting regular photo updates and they are looking fab. Really easy to order and lots of information provided to get it right. Delivered exactly when estimated which is no mean feat at the moment! Thanks Green Gardener!"
Review by Rachel / (Posted on 21/05/2020)
Lovely kit for raising ladybirds. Super fast delivery. The kids are loving watching them develop. Many thanks!
Review by Sue Price / (Posted on 10/03/2020)
THis is a brilliant company to buy garden products from. I couldn't believe how efficient the ladybirds were. I release them on my beans with blackfly, thought first of all that they were a bit slow ( unfortunately a lot of gardeners expect instant results) but they started breeding, laying eggs and turning into larva and then suddenly they just multiply and no matter how may aphids arrived ( sprays are too short lived) they sucked the beans dry of them and I had the best crop ever. I will certainly buy more of them if they fail to over winter although I now have little homes for them all around the garden so Im hoping they will survive. Other things ive bought have been great as well as I dont want anything in my garden that will poison the frogs or other insects. Unfortunately a lot of people still use pesticides and it kills all insect even the useful ones and spoils the food chain.
Review by Frances Tennant / (Posted on 25/11/2019)

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