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Whitefly Emergency Pest Pack


Use our Whitefly Emergency Pest Pack if you plants are heavily infested with whitefly. Spray with Whitefly Spray 1st to kill as many of the whitefly as possible and then introduce Encarsia to complete the treatment.The Whitefly Emergency Pest Pack consists of 500ml of Whitefly Spray (makes 5 litres of spray), which is sent 1st followed by 4 introductions of Encarsia and saves £2.00 on buying individually. The 1st introduction of Encarsia is sent 7 days after the Whitefly Spray followed by 3 more introductions at 7 day intervals.

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If the plants are heavily infested with whitefly, spray with Whitefly Spray 1st to kill as many of the whiteflyas possible and then introduce Encarsia to complete the treatment. The Whitefly Emergency Pest Pack consists of 500ml of Whitefly Spray (makes 5 litres of spray) followed by 4 introductions of Encarsia (sent at 7 day intervals). The 1st Encarsia will be sent 7days after the Whitefly Spray.

  1. The Whitefly Spray will be sent 1st.
  2. Spray with Whitefly Spray at least TWICE in 7 days – spray more often if needed i.e. every other day.
  3. The 1st Encarsia (5 cards) will follow 7-10 days.
  4. 3 more introductions of Encarsia (5 cards per delivery) will follow at 7 day intervals.

Control whitefly in your greenhouse / conservatory by introducing Encarsia Formosa AS SOON as the first whitefly appear and the temperatures are above 10°C / 50°F. Encarsia is a natural parasite of whitefly – it is a tiny insect with clear wings that seeks out whitefly scale and deposits an egg inside it. As the beneficial Encarsia develops INSIDE the whitefly scale, the whitefly is destroyed and turns black, before a new Encarsia emerges ready to repeat the cycle. Each Encarsia is capable of laying 300 eggs inside 300 whitefly scales in 30 days. It is safe for you, children, pets and wildlife. Food crops such as tomotoes can be harvested continually, where Encarsia is used.

Encarsia is introduced into the greenhouse / conservatory as small, black dots on cards, which are simply hung on the lower leaves of the plants – the easiest gardening you will ever do! Each delivery of Encarsia consists of a number of cards (5 or 10), with each card producing approx 60 Encarsia i.e. a delivery of 5 cards produces approx 300 Encarsia. Simply seperate the cards along the perforations and hang them around the greenhouse / conservatory on the lower leaves of the infected plants. Each order for Encarsia consists of 2, 4 or 8 separate deliveries at 7 day intervals, which allows the Encarsia numbers to build up naturally resulting in better control. How much Encarsia is needed :-

  • For a small greenhouse where the whitefly have just appeared – use 2 introductions (5 cards per introduction) at 7 day intervals.
  • For larger greenhouses or where the whitefly have had time to get established – use 4 introductions (5 cards per introduction) at 7 day intervals.
  • For large greenhouses where plants are being moved in and out or where you have had a persistent whitefly problem in the past and you want to introduce Encarsia to keep whitefly at bay during the growing season – use a Economy pack of 8 intoductions (10 cards per introduction) @ 7 day intervals.
  • If the infestation is very heavy, spray with Whiefly Spray 1st and then introduce Encarsia – see our Emergency Pest Pack (Whitefly Spray followed by 4 introductions of Encarsia).

N.B. If you have recently used a chemical spray i.e. within the last 2-3 weeksplease contact us (jon@greengardener.co.uk) to check how soon Encarsia can be introduced?


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