Slug and Snail Traps x2 and Bait

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Use these Slug and Snail Traps with a separate bait to catch BOTH slugs and snails. Comes complete with chemical-free bait and additional bait is available separately, so the trap can be re-used time and time again. The bait is totally safe for children, pets & wildlife and is suitable for ORGANIC gardening. Simply bury in the ground up to the lip, add the bait (or beer) and fit the lid. Comes in a pack of 2 with bait PLUS an EXTRA 100g of bait included worth £8.99. 

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Most slug traps use beer as an attractant, but this trap comes complete with a powdered bait instead. Use this baited trap to protect plants in borders / vegetable garden – simply sink into position and then add the bait. Slugs AND snails can enter through the large aperture, but cannot get out. Its large capacity means it does not need emptying too often – just tip the contents onto the compost heap. We know that some of you don’t like using beer in traps, so this trap comes complete with it’s own environmentally-friendly bait. Mix the bait with fruit juice or water and the trap will attract snails and slugs – so no more beer! This trap is easy to use, needs no maintenance and is very discreet once in position. Comes in packs of 2 with bait PLUS an EXTRA 100g of bait included worth £8.99. Additional bait is available separately (CLICK HERE), so the trap can be re-used time and time again.

Slug Trap Bait – A special mix of food grade ingredients, which will attract slugs and snails over a 2 metres radius and stays active for at least 14-21 days. Use it in slug & snail traps instead of traditional beer. Mix one heaped teaspoon full of bait with 240mls of water. In warm weather top up with water if the bait evaporates. Totally safe for children, pets & wildlife. Supplied in 100g tubs which will provide approx 16 doses.


  1. Clare Fox (verified owner)

    I have been delighted with the product, and have trapped over 60 slugs in my greenhouse already. Best wishes Clare Fox

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