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Copper Rings – 6 x 10cm

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These solid Copper Slug and Snail Rings will keep plants free from slugs and snails and look attractive in your herbaceous borders and amongst vegetable crops. Slugs and snails hate copper, because of  a reaction between their mucus and the copper, so use these Copper Rings to protect your plants from slugs and snails. Available in 2 sizes – these STANDARD Copper Rings measure 10cm in diameter and come in a pack of 6.

N.B. We also have Large Copper Rings (measure 17cm in diameter) available or the Starter Pack containing 3 or each size.

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Full Description

These solid Copper Slug and Snail Rings will last for many years and are simply placed around the plant where they form a barrier which slugs and snails will not cross. Slugs and snails hate copper because of reaction between their mucus and the copper. When the slugs and snails come into contact with the ring they are repelled and will crawl away. They are easy to use as a spring clip allows you to open the ring. Slip it around the stem and then press lightly into the soil. If you have larger plants, just link them together to make a bigger ring. Slug rings can be left in place all winter and will be ready to protect the first tender shoots in spring. After a few weeks, the copper slug rings take on a brown patina to blend into your garden. They are equally effective whether shiny and new, with a brown patina or even ancient green. Pack of 6 STANDARD rings, which measure approx 10cm / 4″ in diameter.


  1. Mr H. from Knutsford

    Used with great success on my runner beans.

  2. Frances by email

    I am impressed by your service and also by the quality of the copper rings. I am looking forward to seeing how well my hostas do this year! Thank you so much.

  3. Moi Watson

    My rings arrived yesterday and they are working perfectly – thank you VERY much. My prized Hymenocallis Festalis is safe at last!

  4. Anonymous

    I have now bought several of the copper rings that protect plants from slugs, I am very pleased with them and they work well and will last a lifetime. I re-ordered several times as I was so pleased. The service and speed of delivery was very good, there are many more items in their catalogue. I also bought a cat scaring device as recommended by RSPB which I am also pleased with. I would recommend this company and their products to anyone.

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