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Special Offer Buy SB Invigorator with a Solo Sprayer and save money! Use SB Invigorator natural spray to control a wide range of insect pests including aphids, mealy bug, wooly aphids, scale etc naturally PLUS it will reduce fungal diseases. Use it  BOTH underglass and outdoors.  SB Invigorator is not only highly effective, but it is chemical-free, biodegradable and non toxic. SB Invigorator Concentrate is available in 2 sizes –  a 250ml concentrate, which makes 25 litres of spray or as a 500ml concentrate, which makes 50 litres of spray. The Solo Sprayer has an adjustable nozzle making it ideal for applying SB Invigorator and other natural sprays such as winter wash, garlic wonder and sulphur rose. 

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Full Description

Use SB Invigorator to save your plants from insect pests i.e. aphids, mealy bug, wooly aphids, scale etc and reduce fungal diseases BOTH underglass and outdoors. This natural spray controls a range of pests in a safe and effective way PLUS it also controls fungal diseases. SB Invigorator should be in your store cupboard ready to :-

  • Control pests BEFORE introducing natural controls – Use it to stop pests getting out of control and as there are no harmful chemical residues left behind, beneficial insects can then be introduced i.e. spotted Whitefly? Spray with SB Invigorator and then introduce Encarsia.
  • Control any pest hotspots ONCE natural controls have been introduced – Use it to target any pest hotspots as it will not harm beneficial insects once they have been introduced.
  • Use for a pest emergency – been away or not noticed a rapid build up of pests such as red spider mite or greenfly? – use it to get control BEFORE introducing beneficial insects.
  • Use it to control powdery mildew on cucumbers – some sprays are NOT suitable for controlling powdery mildew on cucumbers, but SB Invigorator is safe to use. Simply spray weekly to keep it under control.
  • Control pests during the autumn and winter when it is too cold to use beneficial insects i.e. in unheated greenhouses / conservatories – There are no harmful chemical residues left behind, so beneficial insects can be introduced AS SOON as the temperatures are warm enough in the spring.

Use SB Invigorator to control insect pests such as aphids, mealy bug, wooly aphids, scale and when used regularly it will reduce fungal diseases such as mildew. SB Plant Invigorator is not only highly effective, but it is also biodegradable and non toxic. SB Plant Invigorator can be used in the garden, conservatory or in the greenhouse and most importantly can be used on edible plants – pick and eat straightway. SB Invigorator is brilliant at clearing heavy infestations BEFORE introducing a natural control. Here the spray has been applied twice at 2 day intervals to kill a heavy infestation of mealy bug before introducing cryptolaemus. The first spray removes the protective wax from the pest, which normally makes it so difficult to control and then the subsequent spray 2 days later kills the pest. As no harmful chemical residues are left behind, the cryptolameus were immediately introduced to give on-going pest control. SB Invigorator is available as a 500ml ready to use spray, as a 250ml concentrate (makes 25 litres of spray), or as a 500ml concentrate (makes 50 litres of spray) for use in your own sprayer.

The Solo Sprayer has an adjustable nozzle making it ideal for applying natural sprays such as winter wash, garlic wonder and sulphur rose. It is also ideally suited for applying Biodegradable Weed Killer and for applying nematodes (Nemasys F&V) to control caterpillars. 2 Litre capacity.

The Solo Sprayer is unique 2 litre sprayer that has an adjustable nozzle, which allowing you to direct the spray exactly where required, so it is ideal for applying natural sprays/nematodes to BOTH the top and bttom of the leaves – exactly where it needs to be sprayed. The Solo Sprayer features a trigger lock for continuous spraying, a large curved pumping handle for ease of use and a large opening for easy to filling. It also has an automatic pressure relief valve for safety. Aim the sprayer directly at insect pests or when applying fungicides such as sulphur rose or our new mildew control aim at the top of the plant and then adjust the nozzle and spray the underside of the plant covering the leaves completely. This gives maximum protection from attack by fungal diseases whilst using the minimum amount of spray. 2 Litre capacity.


  1. Virginia Bird (verified owner)

    Just to let you know I am so impressed by the invigorator. The sooty stuff has gone completely. Leaves on citrus no longer sticky.

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