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RSM Emergency Pest Pack


Use our RSM Emergency Pest Pack if you plants are heavily infested with red spider mite. Spray with SB Invigorator and hang up the Red Spider MIte Traps 1st to kill as many of the RSM as possible and then introduce Phytoseiulus 7 days later to complete the treatment. This RSM Emergency Pest Pack consists of 250ml of SB Invigorator Concentrate (makes 25 litres of spray) and a pack of 5 x Red Spider MIte Traps, which are sent 1st. 2000 Phytoseiulus are then sent 7 days later PLUS save £1.00 on buying them separately. Phytoseiulus needs a temperature of 16°C and being a living, perishable product order when the pest is present. Available NOW.

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If the plants are heavily infested with RSM, spray with SB Invigorator 1st to kill as many of the RSM as possible, hang up the RSM Traps and then introduce Phytoseiulus to complete the treatment. The RSM Emergency Pest Pack consists of 250ml of SB Invigorator Spray Concentrate (makes 25 litres of spray) and 2000 Phytoseiulus will be sent 7 days after the SB Invigorator PLUS save £1.00 on buying them separately.

  1. The SB Invigorator will be sent 1st.
  2. Spray with SB Invigorator at least TWICE in 7 days – spray more often if needed i.e. every other day.
  3. The 2000 Phytoseiulus will follow 7-10 days later.

Control Red Spider Mite by introducing Phytoseiulus AS SOON as you see RSM and the temp is 16°C/61°F (& below 30°C/86°F). Phytoseiulus is a tiny, harmless mite with a BIG appetite for Red Spider Mite. Ideal for use in conservatories / greenhouses / growrooms / hydroponic systems.

Phytoseiulus has been used commercially since the 1960’s to effectively control RSM and now you can use it to control RSM on your plants. Phytoseiulus is a tiny mite, slightly smaller than a RSM and it feeds on all stages of the RSM eating up to 5 adults or 25 young larvae/eggs per day. Phytoseiulus is supplied in small tubes containing 1000 or 2000 adults. The contents of the tube (inc. the vermiculite they are packed in) is simply sprinkled over the infected plants. If the infestation of RSM is very heavy and there is webbing at the tips of the plants, break up the webs first with your fingers or with a feather duster and spray the plant with SB Invigorator, concentrating on the underside of the leaves. Help the Phytoseiulus by increasing the humidity (spray the underside of the leaves with soft water) and keep the temperature above 16°C (but below 30°C). Also group infected plants together, so the Phyto can “chase” the RSM from plant to plant. How many Phytoseiulus are needed :-

  • Only got a few plants or a very mild RSM infestation? Use 1 intro. of 1000 Phytoseiulus.
  • Heavy infestation or you have lots of plants? Use an economy pack of 2000 Phytoseiulus and if the infestation is very heavy, spray with SB Invigorator 1st – see our Emergency Pest Pack.
  • Persistent infestation? Use regular introductions throughout the growing season by ordering a Phytoseiulus Planned Programmes.

N.B. If you have recently used a chemical spray i.e. within the last 2-3 weeks, please email us to check how soon Phytoseiulus can be introduced?


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