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Release ladybirds into your garden to tackle pest problems i.e. aphids on roses, or simply to boost the numbers of these native beneficial insects in your garden. We supply native British Ladybirds as ADULTS and as LARVAE with food ready for release in your garden. Green Gardener only supplies British Adalia bipunctata ladybirds – we do NOT supply Harlequin ladybirds. The ladybirds are sent by 1st class post with food included. A Ladybird Family is a pack of 25 x Adult Ladybirds AND a pack of 50 x Ladybird Larvae sent together for £26.75 SAVING £1.99 on buying them individually

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Ladybird Family – Ladybirds are the best known beneficial insect and a welcome sight in the garden, where they happily munch away on greenfly and other tasty pests. By releasing ladybirds in your garden you can boost their numbers, which will lead to a permanent decrease in the number of pests in your garden i.e. aphidsLadybirds are available between April and August each year. N.B. Green Gardener only supplies British Adalia bipunctata ladybirds – we do NOT supply Harlequin ladybirds. 

Ladybird Larvae – Each ladybird larvae will eat a large number of pests before pupating and emerging as a ladybird ready to breed and produce the next generation of ladybirds. As they are supplied as larvae, they are ideal for releasing directly onto plants heavily infected with aphids – as they they are unable to fly and will stay where you put them. Supplied in trays of approximately 50, they are sent by 1st class post ready for release directly into your garden / greenhouse or conservatory.

Adult Ladybirds – We supply native British Adalia bipunctata ladybirds in packs of ready for release in your garden. The ladybirds are sent by 1st class post with food included. Ladybirds are natural predators of aphids (greenfly and blackfly) as well as being a gardener’s / youngster’s favourite. They should be released directly onto aphid infected plants or dotted around the garden either early in the morning or late evening. Supplied in packs of 25, they are sent by 1st class post ready for release directly into your garden / greenhouse or conservatory.


  1. Sarah Needham (verified owner)

    For the last few years I have purchased your ladybird larvae and adults to boost the population in my area bit by bit. They have done a wonderful job at controlling the numbers of green aphids and earlier this year has been the first where I have seen both adult ladybirds and larvae in the garden before needing making a purchase.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good service. Larvae came well packaged and we now have hundreds or larvae and adult ladybirds!!!

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I ordered some ladybirds and they arrived in good condition (despite a delay at the post office). They are hoovering up the aphids with great enthusiasm and my plants are thriving.

  4. Janet Turner Shaw (verified owner)

    I ordered ladybirds with some trepidation as to how they would travel and arrive safely – no need for worry. They arrived well packaged and with full instructions. They have worked well on the greenfly on fruit trees and roses and to our joy – remain in the garden.

  5. Christy (verified owner)

    We bought adult and larval ladybirds, as well as the ladybird home from Green Gardener to help with our aphid problem. Dispatch and delivery was very quick. All insects and home arrived in good condition. It’s been exciting watching the larvae turn into ladybirds!

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great service – very prompt. The Ladybirds got rid of the greenfly on my roses.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    At some point in the summer we get some kind of pest – usually greenfly. And rather than spray them with yuck I get some ladybirds and some larvae from Green Gardener and they sort it out pretty quickly!

  8. Helen (verified owner)

    I was thrilled to be able to buy a natural way to deal with a black fly infestation on my lovely Elderflower tree. I found the dual pack of live ladybirds and their larvae to be ideal. They arrived safely with easy to understand instructions and have made the Elder their home. No pesticides or insecticides and lots of beautiful ladybirds.

  9. Maliya (verified owner)

    I ordered ladybird larvae and ladybirds. Delivery was speedy and they were all alive. Top marks.

  10. Fiona

    Just to let you know that the ladybirds arrived today, all alive and ready to go. A few did fly away but I expected that. Fascinating to watch the ones I could still find, wandering around a plant and finding snacks! Thanks, and I’ve ordered the family bundle — I have a lot of greenfly this year and when they’ve polished off mine, there are loads of other gardens for them to peruse.


    Very prompt and efficient. Ladybirds and larvae are already doing their job.

  12. Jacqui Pritchard

    Humanely packaged live ladybirds and ladybird larva all bursting with health and vitality arrived on the date requested thank you. My garden had plenty of Harlequin alien ladybirds but none of our native type. I have already spotted some native ladybirds which must have come from the larva I purchased last year. So I can confirm the supplied larva are breeding this year. Team aphid eaters are keeping my roses clear 🙂

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