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Customer Question - Fuchsia Gall Mite?

Q. "I wonder if you could help me. I attached two photos, the first from an established bush (30+ years), the other from a new arrival this year. Is this gall mite? If so, could you advise me how to treat it? I live in Eastbourne on the south coast." Many thanks Pam

A. Yes both of these pictures are Fuchsia Gall Mite damage – growth at the shoot tips is swollen and distorted, often with a yellowish green or reddish discolouration. We supply a predatory mite called Amblyseius Andersonii for controlling Fuchsia Gall Mite but I is probably a bit late in the year (October) to use it outdoors. You want to prune away the affected growth taking an extra 10cm to ensure you get most of it or if you prune them anyway then just do what you normally do. Then clear away under the plant during the winter to remove dead foliage etc. In the spring when new growth starts to appear you can position the sachets of predatory mites.

Amblyseius Andersonii is supplied in sachets WITH food - simply hang sachets on the affected plants BOTH indoors and OUTDOORS. When using them outdoors, simply staple the ends of the sachets together to stop them being blown off the plant - the sachets are weather resistant. Amblyseius Andersonii is a living, perishable product, so please order when the temperature is suitable (minimum daytime temp of 10c, but below this they will be fine but be sluggish - they particularity good at higher temps i.e. above 30c, so they can be used during hot summers) and you are ready to position the sachets on the plants. 

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