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Help and advice

Customer Question - Treating Vine Weevils?

Q. "Fed up with vine weevil under my honeysuckle! I have used nematodes and jeyes fluid - do they ever go altogether it's so upsetting how many times do you have to treat them per year." yours sincerely jayne Williams.

A. Thanks for the message and it all depends how bad the problem is? Normally 2 treatments a year in the Spring and Autumn (April and September) is enough but in very sheltered gardens / south facing where they are warmer earlier in the year and later in the year then extra applications are often necessary. In the worst situations, then applications every 8 weeks throughout the year i.e. 6 applications a year will be necessary. To this end we do an Extended Programme of applications sent automatically every 8 weeks. You can tailor the programme to suit yourself i.e. choose between 3 to 6 applications and if any of the dates are not convenient, just let us know and we can changed them.


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