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Customer Question - Amblyseius Andersonii Temperature?

Q. "Hi, I'm interested in buying some spider mite Predatory mites: Amblyseius andersonii. I see there is a recommended temperature on the description. I was just wondering if this is a maximum, minimum or an average. So, as it is difficult to get a time when the temperature is exactly 10c, by how much should it not deviate? As we are having a heatwave at the moment, should I leave it until autumn to purchase?" from Dianne.

A. Thanks for the message and 10c is the minimum optimum temperature for Amblyseius Andersonni i.e. they can withstand lower temps, but will be a bit sluggish. Anything higher than this is perfect, so they ideal for using in the greenhouse to control spider mites throughout the growing season i.e. anytime between March and October. They are particularly good in higher temps i.e. over 30c where other controls struggle, so perfect for use right now in mid-summer. CLICK HERE to find out more.

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