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Customer Question - When will Ladybird Larvae be available?

Q. Hi - Just wondering when the ladybird larvae will be available in 2020 ? We have out lemons and oranges in conservatory - and they are currently being eaten alive by greenfly ! Kind regards, Philip C. by email

A. Thanks for the message and it is normally early April before Ladybird Larvae are available - the best thing to do in the meantime would be to spray with SB Invigorator Spray 1st to kill as many of the aphids as possible - we would recommend at least 2 sprays 2 days apart. We would always recommend this 1st where the aphids are present in any numbers, because if they are too abundant then any predator we release will never be able to catch up i.e. aphids will breed faster than they can eat them. I would then recommend our new Aphid Predator Mix which is ideal for heavier infestations of aphids in conservatories.

Release this mix of Aphid Predators to search out and attack aphids.

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