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Customer Question - Controlling Flea Beetle

Q. "Hi Jon, Any tips on getting rid of flea beetles?" Andy

A. Thanks for the message and Flea Beetle is hard to control as it is like 2 pests in 1 i.e. it overwinters as a beetle and it is the beetle that attacks the foliage of brassicas and related plants, such as rocket, radish, swede and turnip and then the resulting larvae attack the roots in late spring / summer, before pupating and producing the next generation of over-wintering beetles. It is much better to target the larvae in the summer with Nemasys Fruit and Vegetable Protection (CLICK HERE to find out more), but that will not help you this spring when the beetles emerge and unfortunately there isn’t a natural control for them. The best bet is to cover the crop with mesh or fleece (CLICK HERE to see our range) to help the young plants survive the beetles and then treat for the larvae in the summer.

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