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Help and advice

Customer Question - Are VW Traps safe for ladybirds etc?

Q. "The word traps worries me. Does this mean that ladybirds, bees etc could also get caught in these? I have a lot of ladybirds in my garden and would not like to kill any of them." P J Loyd

A. Thanks for the message and it is called a trap but it does not physically trap anything and the nematodes inside are safe for ladybirds and bees etc so you are safe to use them.

Adult Vine Weevils are nocturnal, so you do not normally see them, but the damage they do is easily spotted - they feed by taking notches out of the edges of the leaf. During the night they lay eggs around the garden - up to 1500 eggs each! Protect your plants from adult vine weevils by positioning Nematop Vine Weevil Traps and / or applying Zee No Weevil around the base of the plant. BOTH Nematop Vine Weevil Traps and Zee No Weevil are available NOW.

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