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Customer Question - Ladybird care query?

Q. "Hello, I am expecting a delivery of a ladybird barn and some adult ladybirds. The barn will be place next to a rose which experiences aphid infestation. How often should I feed the ladybirds with the food you provide/sell?  Is there provision in the barn to apply the food? Is there a recommended feeding procedure? (I do not currently have a dedicated feeder set-up). Any advice is greatly appreciated; I really want to ensure best welfare for the ladybirds." Stefan Tocher

A. Thanks for the message and it all depends on whether the rose has aphids already. You want the ladybirds to feed on the pests at this time of year, so release the ladybirds into the barn and then let them disperse to start feeding and breeding. Start feeding in the autumn when food starts to run out to encourage then to use the house. Just mix the food into a paste and smear on the outside of the house. You can also use the food when natural food is scarce i.e. early in the season. CLICK HERE to find out more about Ladybirds. Kind regards Jon @ Green Gardener

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