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Customer Question - Sciarid Fly Outdoors

Q. "Hi, I believe we have had problems with Fungus Gnats in our outdoor garden since October 2018. We have no indoor plants and no green house outside so really a little baffled as to why we have had so many continually coming through windows and flying around the house on and off since last October. We had a lot of very old plants outside in our garden that have recently been removed and we would now like to treat the soil outside with Nematodes for Fungus Gnats. Is it ok to treat now? not sure if the soil temperature will be warm enough yet? Could you please advise us on this. Thank you." from Richard Barnes

A. Thanks for the message and if your garden is very warm and if you have ever used manure / compost from a green site to enrich the soil then Sciarid Fly can flourish outdoors. The nematodes in our Sciarid Fly Treatment need a daytime soil temp of 10c, so I would aim to treat from mid-March onwards, but treating when you have replanted the borders you have cleared would make sense just in case the new plants are infected. Please CLICK HERE to find out more about Sciarid Nematodes.

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