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Customer Question - Ladybirds and SB Invigorator

Q. "I bought some ladybirds from you in 2017 and they survived on my indoor plants through that winter and into 2018, breeding and hatching more generations.  I thought that they had all escaped when I had the windows open in the heatwave last summer as I hadn't seen any for months.  On Sunday I cut back my overwintering chilli plants and was astonished to find five live ladybirds!  As I have cut all the leaves off, their food source (aphids) has been depleted so I want to feed them and I have ordered some of your ladybird food.  I hope they survive but I am planning to buy more larvae from you as soon as you start selling them this year. I have been recommended to use SB Invigorator against aphids; do you know if it is harmful to ladybirds?  I would guess that it probably is.  I don't want to harm them." Luise Wigmore by email

A. Thanks for the update and I am glad you were pleased with the ladybirds. Would love to see some pictures of the ladybirds feeding on the food once you have positioned it. SB Invigorator will not harm ladybirds as they are much more robust than aphids, but try to spray the aphids and avoid the ladybirds. Being chemical free, you are free to release more ladybirds as soon as they are available. CLICK HERE to find out more about SB Invigorator Natural Spray and CLICK HERE to find out when Ladybirds will be available. Kind regards Jon @ Green Gardener

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