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Help and advice

Green Gardener Help and Advice

Green Gardener Help and Advice

  • Customer Question - Treating Vine Weevils?

    Q. "Fed up with vine weevil under my honeysuckle! I have used nematodes and jeyes fluid - do they ever go altogether it's so upsetting how many times do you have to treat them per year." yours sincerely jayne Williams. A. Thanks for the message and it all depends how...
  • Customer Question - Amblyseius Andersonii Temperature?

    Q. "Hi, I'm interested in buying some spider mite Predatory mites: Amblyseius andersonii. I see there is a recommended temperature on the description. I was just wondering if this is a maximum, minimum or an average. So, as it is difficult to get a time when the temperature is exactly...
  • Customer Question - When to treat Leatherjackets?

    Q. "Hi, I have a leatherjacket problem on my lawn that I need to sort so looking for advice what to get, how/when to apply etc. Rear lawn is about 55-60 sqm, I also have some out front I think which is about 15 sqm. Also I then need to...
  • Customer Question - Treating Vine Weevils

    Q. "I have an attack of vine weevil on my bay trees. I have seen grubs and weevils. Please advise the best way and products that I should use at this time of the year to solve the problem. Do I need killer and traps? Thank you." from Sheila Miller...
  • Customer Question - Adult or Ladybird Larvae?

    Q. "Hello is it still ok to release ladybird larvae or should I buy adult ladybirds?" from Janice. A. Thanks for the question and you can release both at this time of year as there is plenty of time for the larvae to pupate. If you have an aphid problem...
  • Positive beginnings made way for a sluggish end.

    By Carole Hogarth My allotment is on a parish council-run allotment site in the small village where I live, my husband has the plot next to mine and we spend most of our spare time gardening. It is an old pit village with a long history of mining and quarrying...
  • Customer Question - Controlling Vine Weevils?

    Q. "I have an attack of vine weevil on my bay trees. I have seen grubs and weevils.  Please advise the best way and products that I should use at this time of the year to solve the problem.  Do I need killer and traps?  Thank you." from Sheila  A...
  • Prize-winning pumpkins and wacky watering!

    by Cheryl Ridgewell My name is Cheryl Ridgewell, I have a plot roughly the size of 600 square yards on Rancliffe Allotments in Leicester. Cheryls allotment in Leicester In April 2019 I was lucky enough to be selected for the Nematode challenge. I grow potatoes, onions, garlic, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli...

    By Karen Glover I have to say I was sceptical about the use of nematodes in my garden. My plot is organic and has lots of frogs and other mini beasts like slow worms that rely on the slug population, so I was worried about them. But it’s been amazing...

    We want to assure you that the welfare of our customers and staff in these difficult times is our priority.  Everyone at Green Gardener is committed to ensuring the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness when fulfilling your orders, we are limiting any unnecessary contact with the public, suppliers, company representatives, meetings are being...

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