Garden Pest Control

Natural treatments, repellent sprays, traps, pest repellers and ultrasonic repellers for a range of garden and house pests.

  • Nite Eyes - As featured on BBC's Country File - Use solar powered Nite Eyes to repel both foxes, badgers and deer.
  • FOXWatch and CATWatch - Made in the UK, these repellers are the best way to repel Cats and Foxes from your garden.
  • Natural Repellents for controlling ants, fleas, squirrels, moles, geese, rabbits, deers and rats.
  • Natural Treatments for controlling ants, fleas, ticks and worms.
  • Ultrasonic Pest Repellers for controlling cats, dogs, foxes, badgers, deer and NOW RABBITS!
  • Visual Deterrents - Deter unwanted birds with Scary Eyes or Eyeball Scarers.

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