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Box Tree Moth Trap Lure ONLY


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The Box Tree Moth Trap uses a powerful pheromone to attact and trap Box Tree Moths. The trap is designed to be re-usable, so a replacement sachet of lure can be purchased each year and the trap re-used. We supply the unique GINKO BUXUS SEASON LONG pheromone lure – the Ginko Buxux lure we include will attract moths for around 240 days unlike our competetors lures, which only last for approx 6 weers, so it works out much better value for money in the long run PLUS you do not have to remember to change lures every 6 weeks! The lure is added to the top of the trap and secured with the tie included and can be used in ANY trap, whether it was originall bought from us or not1 seasons worth of lure. N.B. The lure should be kept in the fridge until needed. 

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Full Description

Use this Box Tree Moth Trap to trap the box tree moths between April and September. Box Tree Moth overwinters as a caterpillars, hidden between box leaves that it has spun together with silk before emerging in the Spring to mate and lay eggs. There can be up to 3 generations of moths per year, so this means moths can be present from April until September. Use this funnel trap and lure to trap the moths and protect your Box plants for the ENTIRE season.

Use Box Tree Moth Trap to protect your box plants if you know there are moths in the area or position then to monitor moth activity in your area. Adult Box Tree Moths has up to a 4cm wingspan and it usually white wings with a brown border around the wings, although the moths can sometimes be completely brown. This Box Tree Moth Trap uses a pheromone lure to attract the male moths and trap them – without the males, any eggs laid will be infertile leading to a reduction in the population. Use this trap between April and September – use 1 trap per 0.5 acre (2000 sqm) and position them close to where the box plants are growing and hung at a height of 1.5 -2m above the ground. Each trap is supplied with a sachet of pheromone lure, which is added to the top of the trap and will attract moths for an ENTIRE season. 5cm of water is then added to the trap and then as the moths are attracted by the lure they are caught in the funnel trap and are unable to escape. The trap should be emptied weekly. The pheromone lure is specific to the box tree moth, so other species will not be attracted.

N.B. To find out more about Box Tree Moths and their caterpillars, The European Boxwood and Topiary Society have sent me the following useful links :-

All you need to know about Box Tree Moths & Caterpillars – https://www.ebts.org/box-moth-and-caterpillar/

Box Moth & Caterpillar Tracker – https://www.ebts.org/bmctracker/


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