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Professional Ladybird Rearing Kit Refill

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Professional Ladybird Rearing Kit Refill

The Professional Ladybird Rearing Kit is designed to be re-useable. Order a Professional Ladybird Rearing Kit Refill containing 15 x Adult Ladybirds and food anytime between March and September and reuse the kit. Green Gardener only supplies British Adalia bipunctata ladybirds, which can be released in the garden once they have matured. Finished for this year - available again in 2019.



The Professional Ladybird Rearing Kit is designed to be re-useable. You can re-order a Professional Ladybird Rearing Kit Refill (containing 15 x Adult Ladybirds and food) anytime between March and September and reuse the kit. Finished for this year - available again in 2019.

Use this Professional Ladybird Rearing Kit, produce your own ladybird larvae. After years of being asked, we have managed to produce a Ladybird Rearing Kit, which allows you to keep adult ladybirds, harvest eggs and rear larvae, which can be released onto your plants / in the garden. What’s more the ladybird larvae are harvested over a nine day period before the original ladybirds are released into your garden. This Professional Ladybird Rearing Kit is fascinating and allows you to produce your own native Adalia Bipunctata (2 spot) Ladybird Larvae, but it is more involved than our standard ladybird breeding kit, which is very popular with children, so adult supervision will be required.

The Professional Ladybird Rearing Kit contains a transparent nursery box, a spoon, cotton wool, plastic cup, a paintbrush, and breeding paper plus EITHER a voucher (so it can be given as a gift or bought out of season) or it can be supplied between March and September with 15 x Adult Ladybirds and food included. Once you are ready to begin, add the ladybirds and food to the nursery box along with the breeding paper, cotton wool and plastic cup containing water and watch as they start to lay eggs. Ladybirds reproduce during the day laying their eggs in batches of approximately 10 onto the breeding paper – on average they will produce 3 batches of eggs every 24 hours. These eggs should be collected every 24 hours for nine days giving you the potential to collect up to 27 batches of eggs / 270 eggs! The batches of eggs are then placed in a bright spot with the eggs facing upwards to incubate – over the next 3-5 days the eggs will hatch and once the larvae begin to move they can be positioned on to plants to allow them to disperse. After 9 days, the original adult ladybirds should be released into your garden. The Professional Ladybird Rearing Kit comes complete with EITHER a voucher for 15 x Adult Ladybirds and food or between March and September it can be order with LIVE ladybird included.

"I’ve bought a labybird rearing kit, larvae, and adult ladybirds from you in the last month or so – I cannot say just how pleased I am at the results they’ve had on reducing the aphid population in our garden and greenhouse!" With kind regards, James Partner


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