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Wipe and Clean ATOMISER


New Wipe and Clean Atomiser – Designed for applying Wipe and Clean Cleaner, this refillable sprayer has a flexible “bag” built in, which protects the bacteria in the spray from air as the sprayer empties. With a twist top, simply add the concentrate and dilute with water at a rate of 10:1 and spray. Once diluted the spray will keep for 3 days. The refillable atomiser is holds 300ml will even spray upside down.

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Full Description

New Wipe and Clean is a 100% NATURAL, chemical-free all purpose cleaner – Let Nature do the cleaning! This is the NEW way to keep a variety of surfaces clean NATURALLY with ONE simple spray. Do away with that array of nasty, harsh cleaning products and replace it with one easy to use spray, which uses good bacteria instead of chemicals to keep your house, car, office and greenhouse clean (see below). This Pro-biotic cleaner is packed with good bacteria, which not only keep surfaces clean, but keeps bad bacteria including E.coli and Staphylococcus at bay AND once you have finished cleaning they are left behind to keep on working – brilliant. Supplied in a 2 litre bag in a box (like a “wine box”), this ensures the bacteria keep at their best and you can simply dilute what you need with water (dilute 10 : 1 – a 2 litre pack makes 20 litres of spray) and add it to the Wipe and Clean refillable atomiser – once diluted it will keep for 3-5 days, so make up a little at a time. It even keeps on working when you wash it down the drain – the bacteria in the used spray will keep your drains / pipes clean and cut down on odours. It is even good for your Septic Tank! Leftover water can also be used to feed your house plants – they will love you for it!  It is available in 3 varieties – Natural, Holy & Basil and Mint (the herbs used are organic). Use it to :-

  1. Keep kitchens clean and fresh – can be used to clean any hard, smooth surface like kitchen counters, cupboards and tiled surfaces. It even works well on granite counters.
  2. Keep sinks clean and fresh – cleans the sink and then once you have rinsed it down the plug-hole, the bacteria keep the drains clean and cuts down on odours.
  3. Clean windows and mirrors – cleans without streaks or smears.
  4. Keep floors clean – add to your cleaning bucket and mop the floor for clean and fresh floors.
  5. Keep your washing machine / dishwasher clean – stop nasty odours by spraying the inside of your machines after you have finished with them or why not add a little to your rinse cycle.
  6. Use it to clean your car – suitable for use inside and out including the glass.
  7. Use it to loosen stubborn stains – apply to stains on floors, coffee cups, dirty pans, let it soak for a few hours and then scrub the stains away.
  8. Keep greenhouses clean – the natural bacteria are also anti-fingal, so use it to keep the glass and benches in your greenhouse clean.
  9. You can also use it to keep toys, garden furniture, rugs, carpets, in fact almost anything clean.

N.B. Remember once you have finished cleaning, the bacteria in Wipe and Clean will keep on working.


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