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Slug Collars / Hosta Halos x 18

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Best Seller – Protect your plants from slugs AND snails with these plastic Slug Collars (also known as Hosta Halos). Available in packs of 18, they measure 13cm at the base and 18cm in diameter at top. They are perfect for protecting all types of plants including hostas, delphiniums, lupins and dahlias from slugs and snails. They are also ideal for the vegetable garden and are great for sowing seeds directly into. Simply place over new shoots (or sow seeds into) and push gently into the ground to form a barrier against slugs and snails. Slug Collars come in packs of 18 and can be supplied with or without Hothouse Covers.

N.B. Fit a Hothouse Cover to your Slug Collar / Hosta Halo to turn it into a mini hothouse. Special Offer – Add 18 x Hothouse Covers to your order for £23.97 saving £9.00 off the combined price.

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Slug Collars / Hosta Halos are designed to slip over the tender shoots of hostas, delphiniums and other herbaceous plants in borders to protect them from BOTH slug and snails. They are also great in the vegetable garden to protect lettuce, rocket, runner beans etc. Simply push the ring a few cms into the soil and the angled lip effectively keeps slugs and snails away from your plants. During trials in my garden I also found they protected plants from over enthusiastic hoeing and mulching as well! Use early in the season for best results. When the foliage grows out over the ring apply Nemaslug® Slug Killer to complete your slug control programme. The Hosta Halos can then be stored and re-used countless times. Dimensions – Height 12cm, diameter at base 13cm and diameter at top 18cm. Pack of 18.

N.B. Fit a Hothouse Cover to your Slug Collar / Hosta Halo to turn it into a mini hothouse. Special Offer – Add 18 x Hothouse Covers to your order for £23.97 saving £9.00 off the combined price.

Hothouse Covers – Hothouse Covers fit on top of the hosta halo, turning it into a mini hothouse.  These covers allow sunlight in and then holds back the warmth, making it ideal for protecting and encouraging growth in spring and autumn. Once the plants are established simply remove the lid during the hot summer months, leave the halo in place to protect from slugs and snails. Ventilation holes prevent overheating and allow water in, so you do not have to remove the lid to water. The cover also provides protection from pests, heavy rain and hail. The Hothouse Covers are available separately for customers who already have halos or buy packs of Slug Collars and Lids together and SAVE MONEY! 


  1. Mrs S. of Orpington (verified owner)

    I think I have every slug and snail in Orpington, but your hosta halos really work. For the first time my lettuces are coming along a treat

  2. L.S. by email (verified owner)

    I’ve just put in my third order for Hosta Halo’s, and wanted to drop you a note to say that this is one of the best products I’ve come across in years! For the first time my husband and I have been able to grow delphiniums, hollyhocks and dahlias in our Cornish garden (slugs and snails LOVE Cornwall!); and our runner and French beans are more successful than ever before. For the record, we’re also using the halo’s for young lettuces, brassicas – it’s going to be a tasty summer! Thanks very much for your great service. All best wishes

  3. Jill (verified owner)

    My order of slug collars arrived quickly and they have proved very effective.

  4. Derek (verified owner)

    Just a note to say I received them today. They are brilliant! Thank you. The website wouldn’t let me review them so hence the email.

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