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The Plum Moth Trap uses a pheromone to attract and trap the codling moths. Designed to be re-usable, simply order a Plum Moth Refill Kit each year.  The Plum Moth Refill Kit contains 2 x lures and 2 sticky bases, which is enough for 1 season.

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Stop plum moth ruining your crop by positioning Plum Moth Traps between May and the end of July. Have you ever bitten into an plum and instead of a nice juicy fruit, discovered a grub and a rotten core? This is the larvae of the plum moth, which feeds on the inside of the plum before burrowing its way out to pupate. By positioning Plum Moth Traps, it stops the moths laying their eggs in the fruit blossom by catching them in these effective Plum Moth Traps. Hang Plum Moth Traps in your fruit trees in mid-May before the moths appear. These simple and easy to use traps contain a pheromone-laced lure, which attracts the male moths and a sticky trap to catch them before they can fertilise the females, so no eggs are produced. Hang 1 trap per 5 trees and this will protect them for the season. These traps are designed to be re-usable, so simply insert a new refill each year. These traps are pesticide free and will not harm beneficial insects.

Each Plum Moth Trap includes the trap itself, 2 x sticky inserts and 2 x lures, which is enough for 1 season. The sticky insert is unfolded and placed sticky side up, in the base of the trap, The pheremone lure is then removed from its foil sachet and positioned laid in the centre of the sticky insert. After 5 weeks replace the sticky insert and lure with the 2nd set included giving 10 weeks protection. The Plum Moth Refill Kit contains 2 x lures and 2 sticky bases, which is enough for 1 season.


  1. George (verified owner)

    Thank you for delivering my order on time and in good order. The moth trap is in action and so far has claimed about 20 victims (male plum moths). I have to be a happy satisfied customer.

  2. Claire (verified owner)

    I ordered a plum moth trap which arrived within 5 days, even though our post wasn’t delivered promptly due to lock down. It is certainly working well and hopefully keeping moths away from eating our plums! Thank you.

  3. Anonymous

    I only ordered a refill for my plum tree moth trap and was pleasantly surprised that postage was free. Service was prompt and the item was delivered in a couple of days. I would definitely use this company again. Thank you!

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