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Coir Pellet and Pot Offer

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Coir Pellet and Pot Offer

Regular Price: £13.39

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Coir Pots and Pellets are the PEAT FREE way of getting your seeds / cuttings off to the best start or for potting on seedlings. Being peat-free they are better for the environment and your plants. Start your plants off in Coir Pellets and then pot them on into the Midi Coir Pots (10.75cm diameter) once big enough. These pots can then be planted out in the garden or into containers / baskets when the plants are ready. Special Offers - Buy Coir Pellets and Midi Coir Pots together and save money!

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Regular Price: £13.39

Special Price £11.99



Coir Pots and Pellets are the PEAT FREE way of getting your seeds / cuttings off to the best start or for potting on seedlings. Being peat-free they are better for the environment and your plants. Special Offers - Buy Coir Pellets and Coir Pots together and save money!

Coir Pellets are compressed coir pellets are ideal for sowing seeds or for rooting cuttings. Add water to them and watch them swell to make the ideal growing medium (3.6cm in diameter). It is always best to sow seeds into individual pellets, so you don’t have to handle young delicate seedlings as it is so easy to damage them. Once large enough, pot up or plant out the plant and the pellet.

  • For small seeds such as begonia and lobelia sow a tiny pinch of seeds into a coir pellet.
  • For larger seeds such as tomato simply drop 1 or 2 seeds into the a coir pellet. I prefer to cover these larger seeds with a sprinkling of vermiculite.
  • For cuttings of tender perennials such as fuchsias, geraniums, verbena etc. (many of the plants used in baskets and tubs through the summer will provide cuttings), push the cuttings into the coir pellets and place in a propagator or simply cover with a plastic bag and keep on a warm windowsill. They should root in 2-3 weeks.

These Coir Pots are available in 3 different sizes, which makes them ideal for sowing seeds in or for rooting cuttings or for potting on. These Coir Pots start off just like plastic pots, but the roots grow through the sides of the pot ready for potting or planting out - no root disturbance for the plant and no plastic pots for you to throw away. Pictured right - a tomato plant has been sown into a coir pellet and then raised in coir pots before being planted (pot and all!) directly into the grow bag - you simply pop the plant & the pot into the planting hole. Its quick and easy and good for the plants and for the environment. Made from renewable resources and biodegradable. Available in 3 sizes :-

  • Mini Coir Pots - 8 cm x 5.5cm depth - 0.2 lt. Pefect for seeds, cuttings or fopr pricking out seedlings into.
  • Midi Coir Pots - 10.75 cm x 8.5cm depth - 0.6 lt. Perfect for potting on before planting out.
  • Maxi Coir Pots - 16 cm x 17cm depth - 3.8 lt. Pefect for potting on or for raising larger plants i.e. tomatoes and cucumbers.

Customer Reviews 1 item(s)

I order Coir Pellets
I ordered coir seed pellets, (first time I have used them), the order process was easy and the pellets arrived promptly. Reading the instructions it suggested using a covering of vermiculite and indicated that this could also be bought from green gardener, however I could not find any reference to the item on their web site. I sent an email via the web site pointing out the issue and if they could advise. I received a very prompt response explaining the item was currently out of stock but they offered to notify me as soon as it came back in. In the meantime I have bought vermiculite from the local garden centre. So all in all a very positive experience with green gardener. Its too early to tell if the coir pellets will prove better than conventional seed sowing but my initial feeling is that they are much easier. I am doing a side by side trial as you will see from the photo,
Review by Jenny Barnes / (Posted on 04/02/2019)

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