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Barrier Glue

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Barrier Glue
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Sticky Barrier Glue is one of the best ways to keep vine weevil adults (which cannot fly and therefore crawl everywhere), ants and other crawling insects out of pots, containers and even hanging baskets. Use Barrier Glue to stop ants defending aphids from ladybirds (ants “farm” aphids for the honeydew they produce and will defend aphids from ladybirds), so if there are ants present, try sticky barrier glue around the stems to stop the ants in the short-term while the ladybirds start working. It is supplied with handy dispenser - like a big syringe for easy application.

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Use Barrier Glue to protect trees and plants from crawling insects including vine weevils and ants by applying Barrier Glue around stems of plants or the trunks of trees. It can be applied around pots, table legs etc where it forms a barrier crawling insects cannot cross. It should be re-applied as necessary. It is ideal for protecting pots from vine weevil. Use on trunks of trees to stop ants. Ants crawl up to 'milk' aphids for the honeydew that they produce and then protect the aphids from natural predators such as ladybirds and lacewing larvae. By stopping the ants you increase the effectiveness on these natural predators. Supplied with handy dispenser - like a big syringe for easy application.


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