"I have ordered online from you three times now, having read about you in The Times. On each occasion, my order has been delivered in the shortest possible time. Moreover, your products have worked! I'm now starting to sow seeds again, knowing that you'll provide me with ways to protect my young plants. If your products are that good with all-conquering slugs, I'm happy to trust that they'll work with other pests and diseases, and will be ordering regularly throughout the gardening year. Thank you. I will certainly be back."

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Sciarid Fly and and Thrip control - Both of these pests attack plants in greenhouses and concervatories.


Sciarid Fly Control - Scairid Fly live on and around the compost of pots. They are midge like flies that can be seen jumping or hovering over the soil surface which is why they are often called Fungus Gnats. The damage is by the larvae which feed on the tender roots. Control Sciarid Fly with Sciarid Fly Nematodes.


Thrip Control - Thrips attack plants including African violet and chrysanthemum - damaging growing points and causing mottling, distortion and blistering of leaves. Control Thrip by introducing Ambleyseius.

Sciarid Fly and Thrip Control

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Sciarid Fly Control - Also known as compost fly, Sciarid fly is a common pest of greenhouse plants in the spring. Young bedding plants, especially bizzie-lizzies, can be affected with large numbers of small flies covering young plants, whilst larvae eat the roots. The Sciarid flies crawl over the compost surface and if disturbed fly on to the lower leaves. The larval stage in the compost attacks the roots and can kill young seedlings. 

Sciarid Fly Nematodes - To treat Sciarid fly, mix the nematodes with water and water directly into the affected pots / trays.  Each pack of nematodes pack will treat up to 15sqm of compost. For smaller areas just make the solution stronger (you cannot overdose). Safe for plants - will not scorch tender seedlings or young plants. Safe for you - use on plants in your living room or conservatory.


"The nematodes worked like a charm, the gnats (Sciarid Fly) were gone the day after I watered the plant.  Thanks bunches & bunches!!" Successfully yours, Nuri

Thrip Nematodes - Thrips (also known as thunder flies) are a problem in greenhouses where they cause mottling on foliage and flowers as the suck the sap of the plant - it is becoming more of a problem and was voted no.4 in the RHS top 10 pests of 2016.  

Thrip Nematodes - Thrips attack plants such as African violet and chrysanthemum - damaging growing points and causing mottling, distortion and blistering of leaves. On cucumbers the fruit becomes small and twisted. Thrips will lay up to 100 eggs on the young leaves or in flower buds of plants. Once the eggs hatch the nymphs as well as the adults feed by sucking sap. The life cycle varies and is affected by temperature, but thrips in glasshouses can breed throughout the year. Thrips can also survive out of doors all year round, but become more of a problem during hot summers attacking garden plants in sheltered situations, especially Viburnum tinus. Control Thrips by applying Thrip Nematodes containing a mixture of natural, nematodes, which will attack the larval and pupal stages of thrip. We supply 3 sachets of nematodes, which are applied 3 times at 7 days intervals with a sprayer to the same area. Make up 1 sachet of nematodes and spray the foliage and surface of the soil with the nematodes and pop the other 2 sachets in the fridge. Re-treat the same plants with a fresh sachet of nematodes 7 days later and then finally treat again with the last sachet 7 days later. It is supplied as a powder which is mixed with water and applied with a sprayer. The nematodes should be applied when the temp is 10C /50F and the pest is present. Thrip Nematodes will treat up to 60 sqm.