"As a result of using Nemaslug, I am now looking at a blemish-free veg patch of rocket and lettuce, broad and runner beans. I am so impressed, and have been singing its praises. Keep up the good work, and thanks again. Chris Baines."

"I am normally over-run with slugs. I used the Nematodes for the first time last year and have been amazed by the results. I have two dogs so I am unable to use slug pellets. I have just ordered again and will be continuing to do so! Yours faithfully Jeanette Holland."

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Nemaslug® Slug Killer - Control slugs naturally by applying Nemaslug® Slug Killer. You know what damage slugs can do to your precious plants. Holes in your hostas, pits in your potatoes & lettuce looking like lace. Nemaslug® Slug Killer controls slugs naturally, but is harmless to children, pets & wildlife - it is so green that birds & hedgehogs can safely eat infected slugs.


Nemaslug® Slug Killer works at soil temperatures above 5c, so apply OUTDOORS from March onwards i.e. available NOW or use UNDERGLASS all year round.


 "Nemaslug is one of the most brilliant products I have ever come across! It helps to get rid of snails too." Judith by email.


"Many thanks. The Nemaslug I purchased last year really worked - saved the spuds!" Regards Chris Hill

Nemaslug Slug Killer

Apply Nemaslug® Slug Killer NOW - Control slugs NATURALLY by applying Nemaslug Slug Killer. Nemaslug® contains natural nematodes (Phasmarhabditis Hermaphrodita), which are effective at controlling slugs and unlike chemical controls, are safe for children, pets, birds and wildlife. The nematodes in Nemaslug® Slug Killer are found naturally in UK soil and have been approved for use in organic gardening by the Soil Association. Nemaslug® works at soil temperatures above 5c/40f, so apply Nemaslug® OUTDOORS from March onwards or use UNDERGLASS all year round. Available NOW.


N.B. Slugs are a huge problem after a mild autumn & winter & according to the Met Office last autumn was the 3rd warmest since 1910 (1.4 C above the norm) & winter temps were also well above average (1.5 C above the norm). This means lots of slugs have survived & they have been breeding throughout the winter. As soil temps rise, these slug eggs will hatch & the young slugs will emerge to feed on the new growth in your garden. Apply Nemaslug® NOW to target young slugs living underground BEFORE they emerge - don't worry if the temp falls after you have applied it, as it can survive a slight frost!


slug eggsControl slugs NATURALLY by applying Nemaslug Slug Killer - Slugs come in all shapes, colours & sizes (i.e. the small, black, sneaky ones which travel underground & the fat frilly monsters on the top of the soil up to 10cm long), but they all have several characteristics in common - they are covered in watery mucus, which leaves a "slime trail" & they require water for reproduction. Slugs are able to breed throughout the year, laying huge numbers of eggs (pictured right). Control slugs naturally by applying Nemaslug®, which contains natural nematodes that are effective at controlling slugs - each application of Nemaslug® will control slugs for 6 weeks PLUS customers report fewer snails too!  N.B. Nemaslug® is a perishable, living product, so order when you are ready to apply.


nemaslug safe for thrushesNemaslug® Slug Killer  Nemaslug® is the No.1 bird/wildlife friendly solution for slugs. Nemaslug® will not harm children, pets, birds and wildlife. Song birds i.e. thrushes, hedgehogs, frogs, toads and some insects i.e. ground beetles love to feed on slugs and their eggs. These predators have a significant impact on the slug population, but many of the chemicals used in slug pellets can be toxic to these predators, so if you use them, you run the risk of harming them. There are also increasing concerns about the effects of these chemicals on pets. Unlike Nemaslug®, many slug pellets do NOT work well during wet weather - exactly when you need protection against slugs. Nemaslug® also kills slugs BOTH above and below ground.

Control slugs NATURALLY by applying Nemaslug® Slug Killer Nemaslug® contains millions of microscopic beneficial nematodes that occur naturally in your soil. They are invisible to the naked eye and come as a powder, which is mixed with water and applied to the soil where they search out and invade the slugs. As the nematodes invade the slug, it will stop feeding and will burrow underground to die. As it decomposes in the soil, the nematodes are released back into the soil to search out more slugs and the whole process starts again. Nemaslug® works at temperatures above 5c/40f, so apply Nemaslug® AS SOON as the soil is warm enough i.e. normally March. Each application of Nemaslug® will control slugs for six weeks, so for a slug free garden, apply Nemaslug® every 6 weeks. 


Nemaslug® Standard Pack treats 40 sqm £11.65

Nemaslug® Large Pack treats 100 sqm £24.99 saving £4.14

Nemaslug® Saver Pack - 3 large packs sent together treats 300 sqm £67.25 saving £7.72 (N.B. They must all be used before their same expiry date, so only order if you have a large area to treat.)


How is it sent? - Nemaslug® is a perishable, living product, so it is sent out fresh by Royal Mail 1st class post. 1 or 2 packs will go through your letterbox and should be popped in the fridge as soon as possible - they are fine on the doormat while you are at work. N.B. Saver packs (or large orders i.e. 3 or more large packs) will not fit through the letterbox, so someone will need to be in to receive it.


How to apply? - Nemaslug® is easy to use. Simply mix the harmless powder with water & apply to the soil around the plant using a watering can fitted with a rose (we reommend the Haws Rose no.14) or a hose-end feeder. Use the whole pack before the expiry date, which is marked on the inside of the pack and will be at least a couple of weeks. Apply in a broad band around your plants to increase the chances of slugs coming into contact with the nematodes.

  • Haws Rose no.14 Rose - Watering cans need to be fitted with a coarse rose. We recommend using the Haws Rose no.14, as not all roses are suitable.


  • Hose-end feeder - Used for applying large packs of nematodes. This feeder can also be used for applying liquid feed to plants and lawns. Attaches via standard hose-pipe connector and features both a rose head and jet spray as well as an on / off switch for water flow.


"Just wanted to let you know about the huge success of the Nemaslug product. I have an area of garden that is all ferns and hostas, the hostas are usually destroyed by slugs early on. This year however they are magnificent (see pictures below), I have never seen better (even in display gardens !!). The hostas are huge and lush. Thank you for Nemaslug." Wendy Cain

customers hosta customers hosta 2 customers hosta 3 customers hosta 4

"I've ordered my Nemaslug, one of the most brilliant products I have ever come across! It does help to get rid of snails too, but the ones I do find I throw over the garden wall into the old cemetery behind. Hopefully, they will have a soft landing and not want to come back." Kind regards Judith


"We have a small courtyard type garden, with a number of raised beds. Much of the garden is shaded and tends to be damp and slugs and snails thrive in this environment. We used Nemaslug for the first time, and I have been astonished at the results. Whereas we have been accustomed to perpetually seeing numerous slugs and snails - there is now not a single one to be seen. The large number of empty shells indicates that it is also very effective against snails, although you are cautious about this in your advertising. We will be recommending Nemaslug to our friends. Thank you very much indeed for a wonderfully effective product." Yours sincerely Chris Faulkner Gibson


"I just have to let you know how wonderfully successful I have been with Nemaslug. Previously I have been overrun with slugs - I lost so many plants to them I resorted to slug pellets with reluctance because, I have hedgehogs in the garden and lots of birds. I have now used Nemaslug for two years, and I have seen just three slugs in the garden this year. I still have hedgehogs. I have also found that the snails have reduced quite a lot. I also use the copper tape around my pots and it is one hundred percent successful. Many thanks, and I will continue to use Nemaslug every year." Jill Galvin


"Time to place my order for Nemasys and Nemaslug. Over the last two years I have seen infestations of both nasties reduce so dramtically I hardly ever see either of them nowadays! Thank you for single handedly turning the piece of land behind my house back into a garden. Thanks again." Jason Gilbert.


"Just ordered my Nemaslug - what a marvellous help they are in keeping my potatoes slug-free. Last year my first earlies were absolutely free of any slug damage, so I'm hoping for a similar experience this year - weather permitting of course. The hostas quite like a bit of help too. As the weather is currently preventing me from working outside I have been browsing your website. What an Aladdin's Cave it is and I love the webcam. As Arnie Schwarzenegger would say "I'll be back"" Best Wishes Cecily Jarvis


Spanish Slugs and Nemaslug Slug Killer - Spanish Slug has caused havoc in scandinavia and has now been discovered in the UK.

Spanish Slugs and Nemaslug Slug Killer - Spanish Slug (arion vulgaris) was 1st identified in East Anglia at the end of last year and can grow up to 12cm long. It is thought this new species made it to the UK via imported of salad leaves. Ian Bedford, head of entomology at the John Innes Institute in Norwich found 300 Spanish Slugs in his own garden and said “millions of the slugs are set to emerge this spring. The baby slugs & eggs are buried under leaves just waiting to emerge. There are most certainly millions out there. Its obviously of greast concern that we now have this species here. There’s been lots of reports from around the country of massive problems with slugs, which i’m sure are now going to be Spanish Slug.” Good News - Nemaslug Slug Killer is effective against young Spanish Slugs which are present in the spring, so to reduce populations we recommend treating areas where the slug has been seen preventatively in spring AS SOON as the soil is warm enough (5c).

Nemaslug Standard pack treats 40sqm - delivery ASAP£11.65Add Nemaslug Standard pack treats 40sqm - delivery ASAP      
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Nemaslug Large pack treats 100 sqm - delivery ASAP£24.99Add Nemaslug Large pack treats 100 sqm - delivery ASAP      
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Nemaslug SAVER pack treats 300 sqm - delivery ASAP£67.25Add Nemaslug SAVER pack treats 300 sqm - delivery ASAP      
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Haws Rose no14£6.50Add Haws Rose no14      
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Hose-end Feeder£12.75Add Hose-end Feeder      
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Nemaslug Planned Programmes

Nemaslug® Planned Programmes - For the best results apply Nemaslug® Slug Killer regularly every 6 weeks throughout the growing season. Start applying Nemaslug® AS SOON as the soil is warm enough i.e. 5c - don't worry if the temperature falls at night, as it is capable of surviving a slight frost.

Nemaslug® Planned Programmes - Nemaslug® Slug Killer is a perishable product, so our planned programmes are designed to make your life easier and keep your garden slug-free throughout the growing season by automatically topping you up with fresh packs of Nemaslug® every 6 weeks & save money too!  To order a Nemaslug® Planned Programme :-

  1. Choose either a standard pack (treats 40 sqm) or a large pack (treats 100 sqm).
  2. Choose a 3,4 or 5 pack programme giving you up to 30 slug free weeks.
  3. The 1st pack will be despatched ASAP.
  4. We will continue to send fresh packs of Nemaslug® every 6 weeks for the duration of the programme. N.B. Use the table below to check that the delivery dates are convienent and simply let us know if any of the delivery dates need changing.

1st delivery

2nd delivery

3rd delivery

4th delivery

5th delivery

w/c 30/03

w/c 11/05

w/c 22/06

w/c 03/08

w/c 14/09

w/c 06/04

w/c 18/05

w/c 29/06

w/c 10/08

w/c 21/09

w/c 13/04

w/c 25/05

w/c 06/07

w/c 17/08

w/c 28/09

w/c 20/04

w/c 01/06

w/c 13/07

w/c 24/08

w/c 05/10

w/c 27/04

w/c 08/06

w/c 20/07

w/c 31/08

w/c 12/10

w/c 04/05

w/c 15/06

w/c 27/07

w/c 07/09

w/c 19/10



"I have grown hostas for many years and now have ten different ones. Over the last seven years the nematode treatment three times a year recommended by Green Gardener has proved highly effective in minimising damage from slugs (and to an extent snails) - see pictures below. I value the advice so readily and courteously offered on this and other problems." Stella James by email




This is what Mrs B. had to say "Your planned programme is BRILLIANT. I work full time, have a house to run and a husband to organise. When you think for me and send Nemaslug at the right time, I know I should be doing something - It's great!"


"I have placed an order for 2 sets of nemaslugs - one to be delivered to me (6 applications) and the other (5 applications) I would like delivered to my parents.I bought them this as part of their xmas pressy last year, and have converted them from the evil of toxic slug pellets - Hurrah!! As always, the nemaslugs have been really effective - we can measure this easily because we have an allotment and the neighbours either side are not so green using pellets, but they also have more damage! Thanks also for your fab service in the past." Yours Dawn Gill

Nemaslug Standard 3 Pack Programme saving £2.00£32.95Add Nemaslug Standard 3 Pack Programme saving £2.00      
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Nemaslug Standard 4 Pack Programme saving £2.60£44.00Add Nemaslug Standard 4 Pack Programme saving £2.60      
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Nemaslug Standard 5 Pack Programme saving £4.25£54.00Add Nemaslug Standard 5 Pack Programme saving £4.25      
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Nemaslug Large 3 Pack Programme saving 5.97£69.00Add Nemaslug Large 3 Pack Programme saving 5.97      
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Nemaslug Large 4 Pack Programme saving £10.96£89.00Add Nemaslug Large 4 Pack Programme saving £10.96      
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Nemaslug Large 5 Pack Programme saving £15.95£109.00Add Nemaslug Large 5 Pack Programme saving £15.95      
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