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Ponds and Beneficial Bacteria

A range of NATURAL products for ponds, which are chemical -free to help keep the water clear of algae, blanket weed and duckweed. Bacteria are one of natures wonders and our range of beneficial bacterial additives increase the number of helpful bacteria in ponds, septic tanks, compost heaps etc.

  • Eco pond Treatments - NATURAL treatments for algae, blanket weed and duckweed.
  • Clarity & Clarity PRO - add these NATURAL treatments containing friendly bacteria to ponds to keep them clear and algae free.
  • Barley Straw - The 100% natural, safe, effective & inexpensive way to improve water quality and stop algae growth in ponds. 
  • Drainmate and Septic Treat - keeps drains and septic tanks working efficiently.
  • Compost Treat - Successful composting relies on the right bacteria being present. Don't leave it to chance and add these beneficial bacteria to your compost heap.
  • Wildlife Pond / Tadpole Food - Adding Tadpole Foods will give tadpoles a greater chance of reaching maturity.
  • Wild Duck Food - The perfect food for feeding all wild ducks, swans & geese and is designed to keep ducks returing time and time again to your pond. 

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