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Irrigation and Water Treatments

With the weather becoming ever more unpredictable with prolonged dry spells, it is even more important for us to be water wise by making the best use of water. The sooner water butts are installed to catch and store precious rain the better. Irrigation systems save water and our natural water treatments ensure stored water stays odour and alage free.

  • Water Butts - We have a range of water butts of various sizes to suit any garden mand remember our prices include delivery. 
  • Irrigatia Solar Irrigation System - The easy way to water your hanging baskets, containers or garden using rainwater from your water butt.
  • Solar Tap Timer - A weather responsive tap timer that regulates water from a tap.
  • Irrigation Systems - Build your own irrigation system containing drippers and misters.
  • Eco Water Treatments - Use these new natural water treatments to keep your water feature and waterbutts free from odour and algae growth. Water Slices - Add these water slices to hanging baskets and containers to stop them drying out.

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  1. Water Slices

    As recommended in the Saturday Telegraph - Add Water Slices to your hanging bags, hanging baskets and containers to stop them drying out and to reduce the amount of watering needed. Hanging bags and baskets need alot of water and can easily dry out - stop this happening by adding a water slice. Available in packs of 4 or 12.

    Water Slices absorb water as you water and retain it longer than compost alone, so less watering for you! Plant roots will penetrate the slice and take out the water. Soak the disc overnight in water and it will dramatically increase in size! Cut the slice in quarters and place evenly in the bag as you fill it with compost. Plant the hanging bags / basket / copntainer up as normal and water. 

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  2. Solar Irrigation System

    Use the Solar Irrigation System to water your plants with water from your water butt via a solar powered pump and irrigation system. The Solar Irrigation System is the easy way to water using water from your water butt and being solar powered there are NO running costs. The system consists of a solar panel, battery and pump, which distributes water from YOUR water butt to your plants through drippers just like a traditional irrigation system. Each kit will supply enough water for 6 x 35cm or 12 x 25cm hanging baskets or 40 x 5 litre pots. Each kit comes complete with 12 drippers, 15m of tubing, fixing kit and full instructions.

    N.B. Our price INCLUDES the rechargable battery unlike many of our competitors.

    Special OfferYou can fit a maximum of 24 standard drippers to the Solar Irrigation System, so if you need to water more plants then you can fit more drippers by fitting this 12 Dripper Extension Kit. Add a 12 Dripper Extension Kit to the order and save £3.99

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  3. 12 Dripper Extension Kit

    You can fit a maximum of 24 standard drippers to the Solar Irrigation System, so if you need to water more plants then you can fit more drippers by fitting this 12 Dripper Extension Kit. The 12 Dripper Extension Kit includes, 10m of tube, 12 dripper nozzles and all necessary fittings to fit it into your existing system.

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  4. Extra Tubing for the Solar Irrigation KIt

    Extra Tubing  - Need to run the drippers a bit further? Each kit comes with 15m of tubing, but if your baskets are a bit further away then we can supply extra tubing in a 15m roll. You can add up to an extra 15m of tubing per kit i.e. 30m in total. Extra Tubing x 15m

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  5. Solar Tap Timer
    This weather-responsive Solar Tap Timer uses solar power to automatically alter the watering time form your tap according to the weather conditions. Learn More
  6. Irrigation Kit for Pots and Containers
    These Irrigation Kits are the easy way (no tools required) to set up a simple, small scale irrigation system for your pots / containers / plants in the garden. Learn More
  7. Irrigation Kit for the Greenhouses
    These Irrigation Kits are the easy way (no tools required) to set up a simple, small scale irrigation system for your pots / containers / plants in the garden. Learn More
  8. Water Feature Clear

    Use Water Feature Clear to stop green water, algae, blanket weed and slime ruining your water feature. Eco-friendly Water Feature Clear is based on the natural extract of barley straw and it is simply added to the water in the water feature. Use it regularly throughout the summer will help to maintain good water clarity, eliminate stagnant odours and reduce the need for cleaning. Water Feature Clear is safe for fish, frogs, aquatic plants and wildlife and can be used in stone, wood and stainless steel water features - it is also suitable for interior water features. It is manufactured in the UK using organic barley straw. Initially add 30ml per 22 litres of water in your feature and then add 10ml per week throughout the summer. Water Feature Clear comes in a 250ml bottle.

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  9. Water Butt Fresh

    Water Butt Fresh is a eco-friendly water butt treatment that will keep your water butts free from odours and algae growth. Water Butt Fresh contains beneficial bacteria that digest any organic matter in your water butt, which will keep your stored rain water fresh. Water Butt Fresh can also be used to treat grey water i.e. water from sinks, baths etc, so it can be used to safely water plants. Grey water from baths and sinks can contain soap residues, which can be harmful to plants, so by adding Water Butt Fresh to your grey water, it neutralises the damaging effects of these soap residues, so it is safe to water ornamental plants and lawns (avoid vegetables). Water Butt Fresh is safe for frogs. Add 25mls to each 100 litres of rainwater weekly or use double i.e. 50ml per 100 litres to treat grey water. Water Butt Fresh comes in a 500ml bottle. 

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