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Nemasys F&V Programmes from

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Nemasys F&V Programmes from

Regular Price: £32.94

Special Price £29.94

Nemasys® Fruit and Vegetable Protection Programmes - For the best results apply Nemasys® F&V regularly every 2 weeks. Nemasys® F&V is a perishable product, so our unique planned programme is designed to make your life easier and keep your vegetables and fruit pest free and SAVE money too! Each delivery consists of 2 packs of Nemasys F&V, which are applied at 14 day intervals giving 1 months control. Nemasys® F&V needs a soil temperature of 10c and is a perishable product (it will keep for 2 weeks in the fridge), so order when you are ready to start applying or simply select your chosen dispatch date below. Each pack treats 60 sqm and choose between a 3, 4, 5 or 6 pack programme.

N.B. Need a Haws Rose, EasyNem Applicator or Nematode Applicator - Add one to your basket and save £1.00 off a Haws Rose, save £3.00 off a Hose-end Feeder or save £3.50 off a Nematode Applicator when bought with your nematodes (savings applied at the checkout).

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Regular Price: £32.94

Special Price £29.94



Nemasys® Fruit and Vegeatble Protection is a perishable product (it will keep for approx 2 weeks unopened in the fridge), so it is important that we send you fresh packs when you are ready to apply. Nemasys® F&V needs a soil temperature if 12°C, so it is normally applied from April onwards. When you are ordering a Nemasys® F&V Programme, make sure you specify the date on the order confirmation screen that you want to the programme to begin and then we will continue to send you  2x FRESH packs of Nemasys® F&V at 4 weekly intervals for the duration of the programme. Nemasys® F&V Pack treats 60 sqm and choose between a 3, 4, 5 or 6 pack programme :-

  1. Choose between a 3, 4, 5 or 6 pack programme.
  2. The 1st 2 PACKS of packs of Nemasys® F&V will be sent during the week chosen on the order confirmation page - available NOW or pre-order for delivery when required.
  3. Apply 1 pack on arrival and then pop the 2nd pack in the fridge and use it 2 weeks later.
  4. We will continue to send 2 packs of Nemasys® F&V every 4 weeks until the end of your programme.
  5. If any of the programme dates are inconvenient, simply email us the alternative dates and we will alter the programme accordingly.

N.B. Nemasys F&V needs a soil temperature of 12°C/40°F and is a perishable product (it will keep for approx 2 weeks in the fridge)so please order when you are ready to apply.  As the biggest supplier of nematodes in the UK and because we have fresh deliveries of nematodes each week, you are guaranteed the freshest stock with the longest expiry date available. In the season our nematodes are dispatched DAILY by 1st class post.


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