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About Green Gardener

The Green Team - We have been advising gardeners how to go green for over 26 years and we are the leading supplier of beneficial creatures for your greenhouse and garden.

The Green Team - As a long established family company of 2 generations we take pride in our service and really do know our onions! So whether it's whitefly on your totmatoes, slugs on your hostas or a vine weevil invasion - no problem! Find the solution on the site or please feel free to contact us by email (orders@greengardener.co.uk) or phone us for friendly advice and safe, effective solutions.

Jonathan Manners is the son of John & Annie Manners who have been advising and supplying amateur gardeners for 26 years through their mail order catalogue. John and Annie have recently retired, so Jonathan has taken over. Green Gardener are specialists in safe, effective biological pest controls, which are totally harmless to children, pets and wildlife. Our extensive range includes ladybirds , lacewings and our best selling nematodes for slugs, vine weevil, leatherjackets and chafer grubs. and as well as specialising in wormeries, worms, wildlife products and lawn products.

Our website been trading sucessfully for 18 years. Its a popular site for gardeners to keep up to date with the latest information on an extensive range of environmentally friendly products. Orders can be placed through our fully secure payment pages which now accept American Express, Paypal and Amazon Checkout.