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Slug Guard
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This plastic Slug and Snail Guard with a pre-creased lip is the easy way to install defensive barrier, which slugs AND snails will not cross. Supplied in 8m rolls, cut it to size and use it to create slug-free zones. Use it to add a slug / snail barrier around the edges of raised beds or use it free-standing to protect plants in borders / vegetable garden. It looks great in the garden and can be left in position all year round. Available in 8m rolls.

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Slug and Snail Guard is supplied in a 8m roll and is simply cut to size, so you can create a slug-free zone of your own design. Use it to create a slug / snail barrier around the edges of raised beds – drill/punch small holes and attach with screws all the way around. By forming corners and by pushing it into the soil, it can also be used to protect vulnerable plants in borders or for protecting vegetable plants in the vegetable garden. It is pre-creased, which makes creating the lip and setting it up very easy – all you will need a tape measure, marker pen, scissors and a little time to complete the set-up. For larger areas, multiple packs can be joined together. Coloured green, the Slug Guard looks great in the garden and can be left in position all year round or taken up, cleaned and stored for the winter, ready for the following spring. Each 8m roll of Slug Guard is enough to create up to a 3 sqm slug and snail free zone.

  • Measure the area to be protected and then cut the strip to size.
  • Attach around the edge of a raised bed - drill/punch holes in the plastic and attach with nails, screws/tacks all the way round.
  • Make corners by cutting a 4cm slit in each end and bending the ends over to create the corners.
  • Bend the top edge along the pre-crease to create the lip, which the slugs and snails not be able to cross.
  • Slide the bent ends into each other to form the corners and join the sides to each other.
  • To create a free-standing barrier, gently push into the soil. If additional support is needed use staples, strong tape to help keep it all together.

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