Slug & Snail Barriers & Traps

Slugs are the No.1 garden pest - you know what damage slugs can do to your precious plants. Holes in your hostas, pits in your potatoes & lettuce looking like lace. Nemaslug® Slug Killer controls slugs naturally, but is harmless to children, pets & wildlife. Control slugs NATURALLY with our range of barriers and traps :-

  • Slug and Snail Traps - A range of slugs and snail traps suitable for use all round the garden and even in the home.
  • Copper Barriers - Slugs and snails hate copper because of a reaction between their mucus and the copper, so use self-adhesive Copper Tapes to protect pots and / or use Copper |Rings / Bands to protect plants in borders.
  • Slug Gone Wool Pellets - Made from recycled wool, use these pellets to form an effective mulch, slug and snails will not cross.
  • Shocka Collars, Mats and Rolls - Shocka fabric is impregnated with copper to repel slugs and snails.
  • Slug Collars and Slug Guard - Use these plastic guards to protect individual plants or create slug-free areas in borders.

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