Slug Collars / Hosta Halos x6

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Slug Collars / Hosta Halos x6

Protect your plants from slugs AND snails with these plastic Slug Collars (also known as Hosta Halos). Available in packs of 6 or 18, they measure 13cm at the base and 18cm in diameter at top. Pack of 6.

N.B. Don't forget to fit a Hothouse Cover to your Slug Collar / Hosta Halo to turn it into a mini hothouse.

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Slug Collars / Hosta Halos are designed to slip over the tender shoots of hostas, delphiniums and other herbaceous plants in borders to protect them from BOTH slug and snails. They are also great in the vegetable garden to protect lettuce, rocket, runner beans etc. Simply push the ring a few cms into the soil and the angled lip effectively keeps slugs and snails away from your plants. During trials in my garden I also found they protected plants from over enthusiastic hoeing and mulching as well! Use early in the season for best results. When the foliage grows out over the ring apply Nemaslug® to complete your slug control programme. The Hosta Halos can then be stored and re-used countless times. Dimensions - Height 12cm, diameter at base 13cm and diameter at top 18cm.

N.B. Fit a Hothouse Cover to your Slug Collar / Hosta Halo to turn it into a mini hothouse - see Special Offers


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