Nemaslug 4 Pack 40 sqm Planned Programme

Nemaslug 4 Pack 40 sqm Planned Programme

Nemaslug® controls slugs for six weeks once applies, so for the best results apply Nemaslug® regularly every 6 weeks. Nemaslug® is a perishable product, so our unique planned programmes designed to make your life easier and keep your garden slug free, by automatically topping you up with with fresh packs of Nemaslug® every 6 weeks throughout the growing season and save money too! Nemaslug 40 sqm 4 pack programme saves £3.30

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Nemaslug Slug Killer is a perishable product (it will keep for approx 2 weeks unopened in the fridge), so it is important that we send you fresh packs when you are ready to apply. Nemaslug needs a soil temperature of 5°C, so it is normally applied from March onwards - order a Nemaslug Planned Programme and we will send the 1st pack w/c 05/03/18 (or you can select a different date on the order confirmation page) and then continue to send you FRESH packs of Nemaslug for the duration of the programme. This programme contains :-

  1. This programme consists of 4 x Nemaslug 40 sqm packs sent a 6 week intervals.
  2. The 1st pack will be sent w/c 05/03/18 or select a different date on the order confimation page.
  3. We will continue to send Nemaslug® every 6 weeks until the end of your programme.
  4. If any of the programme dates are inconvenient, simply email us the alternative dates and we will alter the programme accordinly.